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(She's a crazy stripper)

๐Ÿ–คEpisode 19๐Ÿ–ค

Jeremy's POV

The Next Day
‘Do you Jeremy Lawson take Khristine Sally Brown as your lawfully wedded wife??'..The Puerto Rican priest asked me..

I glanced around the church and saw my parents watch in admiration..

They look so happy that their playboy of a son is getting married..

If only they knew that it's all a scam...

‘I do'...i finally said after that moment of silence...

‘And do you Khristine Brown take Jeremy Lawson as your lawfully wedded husband??'..He asked Khris..

‘I do'..i finally said and everyone clapped their hands..

‘Well by the power vested in me I pronounce you Mr and Mrs Lawson,you may now kiss the bride'..

I bent down slowly to kiss her and almost cried when she bit my lower lip playfully ..

What the fuck?!!!...

Ten minutes later
๐ŸŽผIt's a beautiful night...

๐ŸŽผWe're looking for something down to do...

๐ŸŽผHey baby..

๐ŸŽผi think i wanna marry you...

I watched eagerly as Khris danced with my Uncle William who was over 80 years old..

It's a miracle cause Uncle William had never gotten up from his wheelchair and now he's dancing with Khristine..

‘There's something i like about that girl,she's really a sweet person'..Marie said and i laughed..

‘Wait are you talking about Khris??,No way there's no way Khris is sweet Marie'..I said..

‘Seriously Jeremy,Khris is a really cool lady look at how she's mingling with your family members,even your Aunt Regina who's as cold as a stick is laughing with her'..she said and when I turned i saw Khris laughing..


Marie's right...

Khris really lightens up everyone's mood but not mine actually...

She loves bickering with me..

‘Okay Marie well i would love to take Khris to Spain with me for the movie'..i blurted..

‘Ohhh for your honeymoon??'..she asked..

‘No cause if I leave her here she'll misbehave'...

Khris's POV
The guests began leaving Jeremy's mansion including the press and I smiled changing into a normal regular nightshirt..

Who knew that my pretend wedding could be so fun??!..

‘Well it's all over Me J,I'm your wife now so what else are we going to do and most importantly when i my getting my cash???'..i asked walking down the stairs with him..

‘Well Khris there's...'..he tried to say but I cut him short...

‘Wait i hope you're not thinking about not paying me are you???'..

‘Will you shut the fuck up and let me finish you bumblebee?!!'..he lashed and i kept shut...

Dictating bastard!!..

‘Well I'm thinking of taking you to Spain Khris i have a movie to act there so you'll be coming with me'..he said and I screamed for Joy..

‘Oh God Mr J thank you!!!!'...

I jumped on his body excitedly and he tripped falling down the stairs....

‘Mr J oh my God are you okay?!!'..i asked rushing to meet him on the floor..

‘I'm not okay you idiot!!! I think I broke my arm!!!'...



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