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❤❤️Season 2❤❤
(Prom madness and family ties)

❤️Episode 8❤

Nora's POV cont'd❤

‘What do you mean by that?!,why would Diane try to seduce you in the first place?!,is she sick in the head or what?!!'..i asked the already boiling Hardin and he scoffed..

‘I don't want to talk about it Nora I just came to ask Andrew if I could stay at his place'..He said..

‘It's okay man,we could watch Zombie Apocalypse so your mind wouldn't drift back to Elena'..Andrew said..

They both left with their arms on each other shoulders..

This is kind of funny cause they were normally enemies before and now they are best friends??....

Andrew's POV❤

At Night.
Hardin was upstairs in my room and I was in the kitchen making a ham sandwich..

He's pretty shattered about the whole situation and the best I could do is to make him feel comfortable even if it's little..

I grabbed a big bowl of ice cream and some left over pizza to go...

‘What are you doing??'..I heard and when i raised my head up Dad was standing in front of me..

‘Well what does it look like I'm doing?,a friend came over and we're having a late night snack together with some movies,is anything the problem?'..i replied very harshly..

‘You're watching a movie?,is it Zombie Apocalypse??'..He asked..

‘Yeah is anything the matter?!'..

‘C..can I join you guys,I've been wanting to watch that movie for a long time'...he said..


‘Really dad?,okay fine you can but on one condition'..I replied..

‘Fine what's that?'..

‘We'll have dinner at Nora's place tomorrow,as a family'...

‘Okay I'm game now let's go watch some Zombies'..

Nora's POV❤

The Next Day
‘Nora check who's at the door,I'm getting the chicken out from the oven'..Dad called out from the kitchen as the doorbell rang..

I opened the door and it was....

‘Mom!!!!'..i screamed and jumped on my mothers body....

She was clad in her force's uniform looking somehow different..

‘How's my little soldier doing??'..She asked and I smiled...

‘Mom I'm 19,I'm not a little girl anymore'..I replied..

‘Awwww my chubby wubby is now a woman,I've missed you Nora'..she said and before i could say anything else Andrew and his parents arrived...

‘Oh you're here just in time mom meet..'..I tried to say but I was cut short by Andrew's mother...


‘Ellen?!!,you bitch?!!' mom screamed in return...

‘Wait you guys know each other?'..Andrew asked.  

What is going on??!



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