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❤❤️Season 2❤❤
(Prom madness)

❤️Episode 7❤

Hardin's POV cont'd❤

I think Diane is drunk somehow or something..

She's come to keep me company and take Elena's place?!!..

Is she sick or something??..

‘Are you sure you're okay Diane?,or are you drunk or wasted??'..i asked and she laughed..

‘Why would you think I'm drunk for heavens sake,I'm not drunk Hardin I'm being serious here'..She replied...

‘Oh you're being serious,don't you have no shame Diane Russell!!!'..i cried out..

‘Coming to take over you former best friend's place in my life when you know fully well that she died not long ago?!!,are you this callous and wicked?!!,why would you do such a thing Diane,even looking at you makes me so sick so please leave my house this instant,you're no thing but a backstabbing,envious and jealous person and I dread every minute I spent with you!!!'..i added...

She sneered at me and then moved back a little...

‘I don't care about Elena and you fully well know that Hardin Ricco,she took you away from me remember and as a punishment to her she died a very painful death,bye Hardin I'll come see you later'..She replied and got on her bike then left...

Is she a human or what?!!..

I mean she was always a bitch but this action of hers proves that she's the most heartless and cold person I've ever met...

Nora's POV❤

Andrew and I were setting the plates for dinner at my house when suddenly my dad ran downstairs..

‘Hey Mr Sherman what's the rush??'..Andrew asked and dad panted..

‘Your mom is arriving tomorrow Nora and I don't know how to welcome her'..He said and i laughed..

Dad is always so frantic about little things and he worries a lot even if it's the tiniest little detail...

‘You don't have to be so worried dad,we could just have dinner with Andrew's parents so we'll get to know each other very well??'..I replied...

Andrew feigned a cough to get my attention and I followed him outside..

‘What are you thinking Nora?!,you know fully well that I and my parents don't get along and you're saying I should bring them over for dinner??!!'..He whispered in a very harsh tone..

‘There's no cause for alarm Andrew and besides it's the perfect bonding experience for you guys so man up and ask them over for dinner,8pm sharp okay??'..I replied and he frowned..

‘Do I get an hour kiss after that?'..He asked..

‘Only if you behave all through like a gentleman'..I replied and kissed his cheek which made him smile...

We were about going into the house when I saw Hardin walking towards us with a big scowl on his face .

‘What's the problem Hardin?'..I asked .

‘Diane I the greatest slut I've ever seen,she tried to seduce me today!!!!'..



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