Sunday, 14 June 2020




 Episode 27

🌹 Nora's POV 🌹

" It's over Andrew I don't wanna see your face anywhere near me." I said trying so hard not to break down.

" W. What are you talking about Nora?" He feigned innocent.

" Exactly what you want to hear. Don't worry Anna you can have him all to yourself. " I said with a broken heart and walked outta the place.

Hardin and Tess ran after me trying to catch up with me but I followed another route and lost them in the process.

Love hurts so much.

And that he had to slap me in the face with my friend.

I climbed up to the rooftop and screamed out loud as hot tears roll down my cheeks.

Haven't been this broken before.

Trying so hard to believe they're just friends.

Trying so hard to believe everything Andrew says but I can't.

" Please Nora come down from up there." Hardin said.

" Why does it matter if I fall from up here? It won't make a difference will it?" I Mumbled as the tears flow freely.

Tess pulled me into her warm embrace as I cried on her shoulder.

"Ssh it's okay dear take it out." She patted my back .

Right now she's the only one I can trust at the moment.



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