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👩❤️‍👨Half Girlfriend👩❤️‍👨

❤❤️Season 2❤❤

(I can't do without you)

❤️Episode 25❤

Nora's POV❤

Tess and i walked into the store looking for a dress to wear for prom...

Honestly I don't know what's so special about it but since everyone's going i guess i would too since I've conned Andrew into doing it..

‘What type of dress are you going to buy Nora??'..Tess asked bringing me back to reality..

‘Uhh I don't know actually,maybe a simple red gown would do'..I replied..

‘Hmm? Simple?,you and Andrew are the couple of all times and you want a simple gown??,stop that shit Nora,you've got to look elegant and beautiful if you want to be crowned prom queen'..she said..

‘i don't want to be crowned Prom queen Nora,I don't even care about the Prom,I just want to get a dress and go home'..I said and then Anna walked into the store..

With Andrew?..

‘Hey what are you doing here??'..I asked him totally ignoring the presence of Anna..

‘Uhh I came along with Anna,she said she wanted to get a dress or something'..he said and my face turned gloomy...

when I asked him to accompany me earlier he refused..

Saying that he doesn't like being in a girl's store..

‘Hmmm okay'..I muttered and walked away..

He came after me and caught my hand just as I was about to pick a dress..

‘Hey you're not jealous are you?'..he asked and I flared up..

‘Ohhh she kissed your cheek this morning,and now you're coming to the store to pick a dress for her when you clearly refused coming with me,tell me Andrew why shouldn't I be jealous?!!!'..I screamed softly..

‘Really?,Nora what has come over you?!,this isn't you and we both know it!!'..he lashed back and I scoffed..

‘Okay fine Andrew,go help her pick her dress,I'm leaving'..I said angry and hurt at the same time...

I can't believe he would say a thing like that to me..

‘Hey Nora are you okay??'..Tess asked as I walked towards her cleaning my tears..

‘Yeah I am,I don't like this store,let's go somewhere else'...I said in a cracked up voice..

We left the store and when I turned over Anna walked over to Andrew and showed him a red dress..

The exact same dress I wanted to buy..

Anna's POV❤

Diane was right ..

Me playing the innocent friend to Andrew is really bugging Nora up..

And it's straining their relationship..

Slowly it would be strained so bad that they would break up eventually..

‘Hey Andrew,I'm sorry do making Nora angry,it's not my fault'..I lied and he smiled..

‘Nah it's not a problem,she's just jealous that's all'..he said..

‘Hmmm well okay but I guess she doesn't want you and I together judging from the fact that we're not friends anymore'..

‘Ohhh is that so??'..he replied and I smiled seeing the disappointed look on his face..

Nora's POV❤

At Night
I was busy doing my homework on the porch while Aunt Maggie was inside sleeping..

I heard the sound of a bike stopping in front of my lawn and instantly I knew who it was...

‘For blasted sakes I called you 14 times Nora!!!!'..Andrew screamed as he walked over...

‘Oh I didn't know'..i replied coldly without looking up to his face...

‘Oh so that's how it's gonna be huh?,you're just gonna ignore me like i don't exist??'..He said and I sighed closing my book..

‘Oh really?!!,yeah Andrew that's how it's gonna be,yes I've changed and you caused it,I can't just stand there and see another girl flirt shamelessly around you and say nothing,I have feelings too and it's time for you to start respecting them!!!!!'...



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