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👩❤️‍👨Half Girlfriend👩❤️‍👨

❤❤️Season 2❤❤

(Prom madness and family ties)

❤️Episode 22❤

Andrew's POV❤

I got home only to see some men throwing my parents stuff outside the house..

Mom was busy crying and begging while Dad was busy being pummeled to the ground like he was some criminal...

‘Mom?!!!,Dad?!!,what the hell is going on?!!,what are you guys doing leave my parents alone!!!'..i screamed and used all the strength in my body to push the goons away from my Dad..

‘I'm sorry but you guys have to leave this premises now!!'..One of them replied and I rushed inside to bring the papers mom showed me days ago...

‘I'm sorry but you guys can't do anything,I'm a final year high school student and according to Civic law you can't come in to vacate residents until the due date!!!'..i screamed and showed him the paper...

He looked at it for a while and then snorted..

‘You guys are safe for now,all because you've got a smart kid Elliot,we'll be back in a month's time'..He said to my dad and they all left..

Mom slumped to the ground and started crying while dad patted on my shoulders..

‘You did a good job son and I'm proud of you'..He said and I smiled..

Nora's POV❤

‘Dad?!!!,No Dad please wake up!!!'..i cried out as I held onto my father's shirt..

‘He was stabbed to death in your kitchen while trying to bake a cake,we're sorry for your loss'..The officer who tried to stop me said and walked away...

‘Dad please wake up!!'..was the only thing I could say..

My eyes were so clouded with tears and the next thing I knew I slumped to the ground..

Andrew's POV❤

After an Hour
I was busy doing my homework when Anna called me...

📱;Hey Anna'.I greeted..

📱;Hey Andrew i was hoping if you could come over for a while,I want to buy you a drink'..she replied sounding kind of awkward..

📱;Oh really?,well sorry Anna I don't drink anymore and right now I'm kinda expecting Nora so....

Before i could finish the sentence she disconnected the call and right that moment mother ran inside my room..

‘Andrew!! You've got to go meet Nora now!!!'..She screamed .

‘Nora??,why??'..i asked..

‘Well her father has been murdered!!!'...




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