Tuesday, 9 June 2020


👩❤️‍👨Half Girlfriend👩❤️‍👨

❤❤️Season 2❤❤
(Prom madness and family ties)

❤️Episode 18❤

Nora's POV❤

The Next Morning🌞
I opened my eyes and then discovered that I wasn't in my bed or in my house..


I'm in Andrew's house and last night was totally awesome between us..

Even though it was downright painful it was still sensational..

I propped my head up with an elbow and turned to look at the sleeping Andrew..

If only he knew how handsome he looks when he's asleep...

His broad chest felt so masculine and then I noticed a tattoo by the side of his left chest..


How come I haven't noticed this before..

‘Morning babe'..I heard him mutter under his breath and jerked..

‘So you've been watching me watch you?'..i replied and he smiled..

‘Watching the sun reflect on your face while watching me is the best thing I've ever seen and last night was the best night I've ever spent with you Nora,you make me feel special'..He said and i buried my head in his chest blushing..

‘Awww thanks Andrew,even though I still feel a lot of pain though from last night but thanks'..I  said and he laughed..

‘Ohhh really well I have a remedy for that'.He remarked

‘Yeah and what's that?'..i asked.

‘More of me babe!!!'..he said and dragged me under the covers again..

Andrew's POV❤

Two Hours Later❤
Nora was still busy sleeping after another round of love making..

I went downstairs only to see mom frying some bacon and eggs in the kitchen..

‘Hey Mom'...I greeted as sat on the kitchen stool..

‘Hey son how are you and how's Nora'...she replied..

‘How did y....??'..

‘I'm your mother Andrew,I know what's happening in my house,I'm even making lunch for both of you so just sit and relax'..She replied and threw me a quizzical look..

Luckily for me Mom is a coded person and so she understands fully..

Even though she's not always there for me I'll always love her for that...

‘So have you told her that were leaving yet??'..She asked again and I shook my head..

‘No I think I'll tell her later but now I've got to go upstairs and give her breakfast'...i replied and took the tray from her hands..

‘Love you mom'..i added and kissed her softly on the cheeks leaving her speechless..

Nora's POV❤

I opened my eyes for the second time today and propped myself up on the bed..

There was a tray of food containing bacon,eggs,french toast and coffee with a note..

I opened it and smiled...


Off to go do some workout with Dad.
See you later..


I closed the note and pressed it close to my chest feeling so overwhelmed and at the same time loved..

I wish I could live with Andrew forever but unfortunately it's not possible..

I picked my phone and turned it on only to...

Oh my God it's 3pm already..

Mom Is so going to kill me..




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