Tuesday, 9 June 2020



❤❤️Season 2❤❤
(Prom madness and family ties)

❤️Episode 17❤

Nora's POV❤

Andrew nuzzled my neck and kissed every inch of my skin making my senses crawl..

‘is it awkward that i always imagined you doing this to me??'.
I whispered under my breath and he raised his head up..

‘It isn't awkward babe,as a matter of fact i also imagined doing this to you too,sometimes when you dress sexy my skin always crawl and i always held my self from touching you'..He replied..

My cheeks flushed with embarrassment as he kissed me on the lips again but this time with a fiery passion I've never felt before..

‘A..Andrew'..I stuttered..

He removed his shirt revealing his bare chest...

Not like I haven't seen it before but tonight it felt kind of different..

He propped my back up and slowly unbuttoned my blouse from where he stopped..

My shirt was gone and i was down to only my white lacy cut bra.

Thankfully I'm endowed in the chest area..

‘Sh...is it really necessary??'..i asked as his hands went to the back of my bra and he smiled..

‘Should I stop?,for god sakes Nora I've been waiting for a long time to do this,please let me'..he said huskily and I nodded..

Andrew's POV❤️ 

I slowly unhooked her bra and it fell exposing two straw berry colored puckered nipples..

Nora closed her eyes and i kissed her hands making her open them back..

i laid her back on the bed and slowly kissed one of her breasts..

‘Ohhhh'..she moaned and arched a little..

From there i covered one of her nipples with my hands and teased it a little by biting it....

‘Andrew!!!'..she screamed softly in a voice that made me go crazy..

I sucked on the erect nipple and when I was done moved to the other..

She moaned and groaned softly and to be honest i feel great doing this with her..

I've always longed to touch her..

‘Nora what I'm going to do to you now may seem painful and you may be hurt but trust me okay'..i said huskily and she nodded..

I slowly removed the skirt she was wearing and the only barrier between us was the matching lace pantie that she was wearing..

‘No fair Andrew take yours off too'..She moaned reaching for my belt buckle but I slapped her hands off..

‘No touching babe,I'm in charge here okay?'..i warned..

‘But it's not...'..she tried to say but I shut her up by kissing her..

I removed the underwear she was wearing and then I placed my hands on her special area..

‘Oh my God!!'..she arched as a ripple of pleasure course through her veins...

I propped her waist up a little bit and my mouth went down to her va**na licking her slowly..

‘A..Andrew don't'..she cried out but instead of pushing me away she pushed my head inside her deeper...

When i was done licking I decided to go a little further by placing two fingers inside her..

‘Andrew!!!'..she screamed and I smiled..

I removed my trousers and my underwear and my manhood sprung out with full force..

‘Ohhh'..she muttered as her eyes was set on my full inch cock...

‘you like this bad boy huh?'..i replied and my mouth went down back to hers again..

As i kissed her slowly I prepped my libido carefully at the entrance of her vagina and she gasped..

‘This is going to hurt Nora,are you ready?'..i asked..

‘Yes Hardin give it to me'..she replied..

I inserted fully into her and the walls of her vagina gripped my c*ck with ease..

And so the dance began...



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