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👩❤️‍👨Half Girlfriend👩❤️‍👨

❤❤️Season 2❤❤

(Prom madness and family ties)

❤️Episode 16❤

Nora's POV❤

🎙️If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea..

🎙️I'll sail the world,to find you..

🎙️if you ever find yourself stuck in the dark and you can't see..

🎙️I'll be the light,to guide you..

I turned off the music box as I heard mom call my name..

I went downstairs reluctantly only to see the huge scowl on her face..

Funny enough i adored this face with ever bone in my body and now it doesn't look attractive in the least to me .

Now I wish I could take back what i wished for on my birthday.

I wished for mom to come back home to us and my wish was granted now this is happening..

Be careful what you wish for..

Now I know the meaning of this quote..

‘What's the problem mom??'..i asked sharply..

‘Dinner is ready aren't you going to eat??'..She replied and I snorted..

‘I'm not hungry'..

I walked back up the stairs and she screamed my name again..

‘Nora Margo Sherman get your ass down here right now!!!!!'..

I groaned and went back downstairs grudgingly..

Got to the kitchen and picked a fork..

Dipped it inside my pasta and chewed angrily..

‘Where's Dad?'..i asked..

‘He went out to get something and obviously i don't care'..she replied coldly and that was when I couldn't control my anger anymore..

‘You're the worst person I've ever met and Mrs Robinson was right when she called you a slut and a whore!!'..i screamed and the next thing I knew my own mother slapped me..

‘Mom?!!!,you slapped me?!!'..i cried out and ran back upstairs...

Twenty minutes later
I stayed in my bed for a while crying and wailing about the earlier event when I phone rang..

I checked who the caller was and it was Andrew..

📱:Hey babe'..he said and from the sound of his voice I knew he wasn't okay...

📱:Hey,uhh are you okay?'..i replied trying to control my own tears..

📱:No I'm not..what's wrong with you Nora?'..he asked..

📱:N..nothing'..i lied.

📱:Don't tell me nothing Nora what's really going on?!!!..

📱:S..she slapped me!!'..i eventually said..

Andrew's POV❤

📱:She did what?!!'..i screamed over the phone as Nora sobbed..

📱:Mom slapped me Andrew,she's been causing a lot of trouble back home and i can't help it anymore'..Nora said and I groaned..

📱;That's the last Straw Nora I'm coming!?!'..i screamed..

📱 don't come I don't want you getting into trouble in fact I'll come over'..she replied and hung up...

Twenty minutes later
I heard a tap by window and I instantly knew who it was..

‘Hi baby'..I muttered as Nora crept inside and kissed her softly...

‘Hey so what's up?'..she replied and I frowned..

She looks disheveled and her eyes are all puffy and she's asking me what's up??..

‘Come on Nora forget about my problem and tell me what's up with you and that witch of yours no offence'..i said..

Just as predicted Nora leaped into my arms and cried a little..

‘I don't think I'll ever be okay Andrew'..she whimpered..

‘You're going to be okay Nora'..I replied..

She broke from my embrace and then circled her arms on my waist kissing me softly...

i reciprocated the kiss and slowly became aroused after a minute or two..

My arms circled around her waist and i kissed her hungrily and lustfully..

‘i..i think it's time Andrew'...she whispered..

‘Are you sure?'..i asked and she nodded..

i took that as a yes and laid her on the bed gently...

I'm finally going to do this...




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