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👩❤️‍👨Half Girlfriend👩❤️‍👨

❤❤️Season 2❤❤

(Prom madness and family ties)

❤️Episode 15❤

Nora's POV❤

‘B..but you can't leave me now?!!,you can't leave Dad!!!'..i cried out..

He sighed and put his bags back inside car's booty and I brought it out..

‘if you leave me dad I'm gonna kill myself and that's a promise!!!'..I said and he smiled..

‘Ohhh my baby come here'..he said and beckoned me to come over and hug him...

‘Don't you ever try leaving me Dad not when another student died in today,don't ever try to leave Me'...i whimpered..

Meanwhile Andrew stood and watched the ongoing drama and when I was done crying he hugged me..

‘Call me later'..he whispered and walked away..

This is one reason why I'm so glad he's my boyfriend..

He knows when I need my quiet time and when i want to be alone..

He always respects that sense of privacy and i appreciate him so much for that..

After the whole emotional rollercoaster..

Dad and I decided to walk into the house and then it hit me..

Mom had already packed the rest of his things and put them by the door way including his trophies that he won while he was still playing basketball..

‘Mom what's the meaning of this?!!!,why are you doing this to Dad and I?!!!'..i screamed and Dad held me back..

‘let her be Nora,she's not in her right state of mind I'll talk to her so just go up to your room'...

‘b..b..but Dad?!!!'..

‘No buts Nora,to your room now!!!'...

Andrew's POV❤

I got home and to my own disbelief I heard Mom and Dad arguing..

‘Mom?Dad?'..I said as I walked into the kitchen and they both Jerked from their seats..

‘Oh A..Andrew you're back early?'..Mom said as she smiled nervously..

‘Yeah I am'..I responded and took an Apple from the fruit basket and bit into it..

‘So what are you two adults bickering about??'..i asked..

They both exchanged short glances at each other and then brought out a piece of paper from the drawer...

‘Well you're matured so i guess you can handle the news well'..Mom said and pushed the paper to my side of the table..

I looked down and read aloud..


To the Robinson family...

   .....Due to the inability to pay the loan acquired on 02/01/2020 ($50,000)

The company is obligated to withold your properties which include..

*Yellow colored Lexus sport car.
*4 bedroom apartment
*Property at Chestnut drive
*White colored Bentley. 

You are hereby given a month to vacate the premises and to submit the above requirements.

Failure to do so will involve the intervention of the FBI and Court department..

  ...P.D James


I closed the letter and squeezed it..

I threw it in a trashcan and turned back to lash at my parents..

‘Can someone explain this bull crap to me?!!!'..i screamed...

‘Look Son we have to leave unless we pay up the loan'...Dad said and my mother cut in..

‘i told your father that a fifty thousand loan was a lot Jake but he wouldn't listen,he wanted to save our program but now we're in debt'...Mom said.

‘So what does this mean now??'..i asked and they looked at each other again..

‘We have to leave'...



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