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👩❤️‍👨Half Girlfriend👩❤️‍👨

❤❤️Season 2❤❤

(Prom madness and family ties)

❤️Episode 14❤

Andrew's POV❤

Two Days Later
‘No'..I said blankly..

‘Come on Andrew it's just Prom,why don't you ask me to be your date??'..Nora cried out hitting my chest softly and I winced..

‘Why would I ask you to Prom when you're my girlfriend already,you're already my date to Prom so what's the need of asking?'..I replied..

She groaned and pushed me onto the grass walking back to class..

‘Hey babe I didn't mean it that way,you're already my date to Prom and you would forever be by the way have you spoken to your mom??'..I asked as i followed her but she ignored me..

‘Nora I'm talking to you??'..

‘Hmmm I haven't spoken to Mom for two days now,in fact I haven't even noticed her around the house can you leave me now??'..She replied sharply..

Before I could reply Mr Rudolf came into the class and everyone took their seats..

‘i have bad news for you guys,another student was found dead in front of the school's premises'...He said and I sat upright...

Another student dead again??..

‘Who is it this time Mr Rudolf??'..Hardin asked and he sighed..

‘Patrica Coleman,found dead and raped just like Elena so pack up your bags guys,school is over for now'..He said..

Some broke down in tears while others shook their heads as they packed their bags to leave...

Nora and Tess walked up to me and i held them closely like they were my own sisters and they cried on my arms...

Diane as I noticed just smiled and walked away without speaking to anyone...

I don't know why but i feel like she has something to do with this...

Nora's POV❤

Two close friends of mine dead and killed the same way and raped?!!..

Why is this happening??  

Just when things are going great and now things are going for the worse..

‘Everything is going to be okay babe,come on let's go home'...Andrew said as I cried on his shirt..

I sniffed a little bit and nodded..

Together we both left school along with some other students who were also mourning Patricia..

Ten minutes later
We got home and suddenly I saw my Dad packing his bags and my mother shouting from inside the house..

Dad looked so sullen and his eyes were puffy from crying..

‘D..D..Dad what's wrong??'..I asked and he sniffed a little bit..

‘My darling it's nothing I'm just going on a business trip for a long time that's all'...He said in a cracked up voice and then I instantly knew that he was lying to me..

‘Dad tell me the truth what's really going on!!!'..I screamed..

‘Well you're 19 so I guess you're old enough,your Mom and I are getting divorced  and you're getting a new daddy'...





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