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👩❤️‍👨Half Girlfriend👩❤️‍👨

❤❤️Season 2❤❤
(Prom madness and family ties)

❤️Episode 13❤

Nora's POV❤

‘What do you mean by my mother is a slut??'..I asked with tears in my eyes and she smiled..

‘Andrew please give us a minute'..she said and Andrew left..

She sat on the edge of the bed and stroked my hair..

‘Your mother and i were best friends since childhood,i was the quiet one while she was the wild one or should i say the cool one,my parents never approved of our friendship cause they said she was too irresponsible but i was friends with her anyway'..she said and paused for a while ..

‘Back then i was dating a guy named Allen,he was cute and very intelligent then,your mother didn't like him cause she said he was too good for me and he had a car unlike her boyfriend,i didn't pay attention to her and continued my relationship with her not until Allen said he wants to end things with me...Believe me when i say that I cried my eyes out when he did that but i let him go..two weeks later I went to his house to deliver some Pizza cause i was a delivery girl and guess who came to open the door'...

‘Who??'..i asked even though i knew the answer..

‘Your mother,your mother came to open the door for me Nora and I was heartbroken,I ran away throwing the box of Pizza in her face and went back home,i cried my heart out but decided to keep my cool and that was when I met Andrews father'...she said and i gasped ..

My mother did all this??..

My own mother did all this under my nose and I didn't know??  .

‘Thank you Mrs Sherman,I'll take my leave now' .i said not being able to look at her in the eye after what she told me....

I walked outside and Andrew was already waiting for me ..

‘Are you okay??'..He asked and i nodded. .
‘Yeah I am,I really am well I'll be going now'..i said and kissed his cheek..

Who am I kidding??..

I know I'm not fine one little bit...

My mother is a slut and now I'm dating the son of her best friend who she betrayed..

What do I even do?? .

Where do i go?? 

Where do i start from??..

There's only one thing to do now and it's to hear her own side of the story and settle this family tie once and for all...



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