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❤❤️Season 2❤❤

(Prom madness and family ties)

❤️Episode 12❤

Andrew's POV cont'd❤

Nora and I went into my room and I sat on the bed while she lied on my chest crying so hard...

She cried and and cried while I kept silent to allow her let all her pain out..

My shirt was already drenched and her body was becoming so hot..

‘It's okay baby just let it all out'..I muttered and she sniffed..

‘I think I'll stop now,thanks a lot Andrew'..she replied and i smiled..

‘Of course why do you think I love you?,now what's really going on??'..i asked..

‘Well you know how I always say my parents have the perfect marriage even though my mother is always not around?,well I was wrong my parents have been hiding their problems from me and i also find out that my mother cheated on my dad with a waitress!!!'..She screamed and began crying all over again..

Her mother cheated??..

With a waitress?!!..

Why do i feel like there's a puzzle to this case?!..

‘Okay cry baby everything is going to be okay,just sleep over it and the next morning when you're already calm the you can ask your parents to explain all what you heard,okay cry baby?'..


Ellen's POV❤

After five years with learning to live with what Jennifer did to me now her daughter is dating my son??..

I went upstairs to Andrew's room and just my luck Nora was on the bed crying in his arms..

‘Nora what and why are you here??'..i asked sharply..

‘W..w..w..well'..she stuttered but Andrew interrupted..

‘She's here because I told her to mother,you never had a problem with her staying over before so there shouldn't be any problem now'..He said and I smiled .

Just because I have a problem with Nora's mother doesn't mean I'll be harsh with her daughter..

I love Nora like she's my own child..

‘Okay Nora if you feel like talking to me then just know that I'm here okay?'..I said.

‘Actually I really want to speak with you Mrs Robinson,i shouldn't be telling you this but do you know of any bad thing my mother did in the past??'..Nora replied and I gulped hard..

Well i don't know if I could tell Nora about this but I guess she's old enough to hear about it...

‘Well Nora your mother and I are best friends or should I say were friends,to cut the story short your mother was a slut and she's still a slut till today no offense'...




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