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❤❤️Season 2❤❤
(Prom madness and family ties)

❤️Episode 10❤

Nora's POV❤

‘Oh really,fine I'll leave you alone'..Andrew said and walked away...

I ran into the rest room and i cried inside the bathroom so hard that my head hurt..

‘Are you okay babe??'..I heard and when I raised my head up it was Patricia..

‘I'm okay Pat oh who am I kidding I'm not okay'...I said and she hugged me..

These past few months I've grown closer to some of the students in school ..

Like Patricia for example..

‘What happened baby,you can talk to me'..She asked and I sniffed my nose a little bit...

‘Well Andrew and my parents were supposed to have dinner last night but instead both our moms Freaked out over God knows what and now my mom says that Andrew and I can't be together anymore'..I explained and Patricia laughed...

‘Babe you're such a wimp sometimes,most of the times the guys I date my parents don't always  approve of them,just because your mommy said you should not talk to him doesn't mean you shut him up like that?,come on Nora you really hurt his feelings,go speak to him okay and let him know that you Care'.....

Andrew's POV❤

Ten Hours Later
I drove back home on my newly purchased power bike when I saw Nora and Hardin walking on the road..

So she says she doesn't want to speak with me and now she's walking back home with Hardin??..

You've got to be kidding me..

‘Hardin do you want a ride??'..I asked without giving Nora another glance..

‘Yeah but first what's going on between you two??'..He asked and I smiled..

‘I don't know ask her yourself'..

I was expecting an apology but instead she just kept silent...

‘Okay Hardin I'll be going now,Nora when you're ready to act matured and sensible you know where to find me,goodbye'...




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