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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲



I watched as she retreated into the party,I concentrated on my friends who were still giggling from the slap she gave me.
I shot them a glare,they stopped immediately,the group went back to their game of truth or dare and I was more than ready to play.

"So Skylar,truth or dare?." I was asked.

"Am not a scardy cat so dare." I said confidently.

"Make out with any girl in the group." I was dared,I stoop up ,my eyes fixated on Sasha,I crushed my lips on hers letting my tongue explore her properly.

"If I had picked her,maybe I would be enjoying this every day." I thought silently,letting my hands creep up to squeeze her breasts as she moaned shamelessly.

Suddenly,I was yanked away from her.

"What the fuck!." I cursed,turning around to see who it was.

"We're playing a game which means you don't get to kiss any other girl." She folded her arms as I scoffed.

"You wish,I can kiss anyone I want." I thundered.

"You won't Skylar." She spat out as I glared.

"You won't let me kiss you and I'm not allowed to kiss anyone else huh?." I asked as she nodded.

"Unbelievable." I muttered as she smirked.

"Game on Skylar." She winked ,turning around as I sneaked my hands on her waist.

"We could make out." I suggested,letting my breathe fan her skin.

"I could squeeze your balls under you scream." She whispered back as I grinned letting her go.

"See you around Skylar." She says pecking my cheeks,her lips were so soft that I couldn't help but wonder how they would feel on my lips.

I turned away and my friend gave me a weird look.

"What is it Zac?." I asked grabbing a drink.

This year's game is gonna be different." He muttered as I chuckled.

"Sure ,she's different ,she's trying to play hard to get but you and I both know she'll fall for me." He shook his head in response not uttering another word.

"You'll be surprised at this year's turnout." I heard him mutter under his breathe.

"Paranoid jerk." I whispered drinking away into the night.


It was almost midnight,I could feel myself getting drunk but I was still in control of my body.
I sighted Vanessa hugging a guy and it made my blood boil,I walked up to him throwing a punch as he fell to the ground,I pounced on him hitting him all over.

"Skylar stop it!." She yelled yanking him off me.

"He's my cousin." She exclaimed as he held his face.

"Dennis go home,I'm so sorry." She apologized as he scurried away.

"What the actual fuck was that?."

"I didn't know he was your cousin."

"I don't fucking care Skylar,I am not like the other girls who played this game."

"Then why are you playing this game?." I asked,drawing her closer,holding her waist tighter so she couldn't sneak past.

She stared at me and I got to look at her brown eyes,I got the urge to brush the hair to get a clearer look at her face.

"You're Preety." I said as she smirked.

"I know." She replied as I caressed her waist softly.

"Just one kiss." I pleaded .

"No." She said firmly.

"Let's dance." She suggested as we moved to the dance floor.

"Alright." I replied as we moved towards the dance floor,I held her waist and her cologne was driving me crazy,I wanted more than she could give right now.

She swayed her hips the rhythm of the music,my hands were firmly placed on her waist,her eyes rolled back and she seemed to be enjoying herself. The lighting made her face even more beautiful,her lips pouty and pink,I couldn't take my eyes off time,I didn't want to. I leaned in and without warning I crashed my lips on hers kissing her with everything in me. She didn't pull away or kick my balls,she placed her hands on her neck sliding her tongue in and giving me full access to her lips.

And just when I thought everything was going fine,I felt someone yank me off her roughly pushing me to the ground.

"What the hell!." I thundered ready to punch who ever did this.

"Yo man!,you stay away from my girlfriend." A grumpy voice commanded .

"Girlfriend." My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets,in all the times I've played the game never had anyone had a girlfriend,I guess Zac was right,this year might be different after all. I raised my head to see the scumbag she was dating and it turned out to be the person I least expected.......




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