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❣️Finding Love❣️

    🎲{The Game}🎲



I walked briskly through the hallways of Lockwood high flashing a grin to every girl I've passed,classes had ended for the day and I was on my way house after football practice.
To say I was popular didn't justify it,I was the school's sweetheart.

Skylar James,19 years of age, School's quarterback and straight A student not to mention I was the leading champion of "THE GAME"

Every year,it has become a tradition to commence the game,it was simple really a fun game between two people.

In one month,they would do whatever it takes to get the other to fall in love,who ever falls first looses.

I've played the game for three years straight,three girls who have completely fell for me and this year would be no different.

The game is voluntary so usually a bunch of girls would offer themselves up and I would pick the one I want,I usually go for the prettiest to make it more fun.

It was a Friday which I meant I would be picking my girl at the party tonight.


It was already 8pm when I left the house not wanting to hear another one of my mom and dad's numerous arguments,I get that the have problems,I just don't see why they can't just dirvoice already.

I'm an old child plus I'm 19 so they don't have to worry about custody yet they prefer to rain curses on each other and put me in the middle of their pointless arguments.

I got on my bike,driving off towards John's house where the party off ready to pick my girl for the month.

I had my eyes set on Sasha,she was preety and we've made out a couple of times but I would have her to myself for one month and that was an offer I was not ready to pass at on.

I got to the party,parking my bike,taking off my helmet as I walked in with music blasting in every direction.

Boys and girls were drinking, playing games,dancing and most importantly Making out.

"Skylar,finally."Zac muttered behind me as I grinned.

"I thought you weren't gonna make it."

"Of course i would,let's get upstairs so we can get this game started."

"Finally!."He yelled as I chuckled.

As per tradition,the girls interested would gather in a room and I would pick a girl and the game commences,everyone understand the rules and everyone looked forward to me winning,it was like a piece of cake because within weeks,the girl would have fallen for me.

I didn't have to work too much anyways,just a few flowers,chocolate,kisses ,dates,bike rides,it was the same routine every year.

You might wonder why I play the game,yes it's for fun but there's something else,a prize between the boys that no girl knew about,every year I get that prize and this year it's even better.

John and I got to room,twisting the knob as we walked in to meet everyone waiting.

I think they were playing truth or dare or something,they stopped the moment they say me.

Sasha sat at the far corner of the room looking sexy as always.
I smirked walking towards her as I made my decision.

"Listen up everyone,this year....I choose...." I tried to announce,my eyes were fixed on Sasha,she bit her lips flashing me a flirty smile.

"I wanna play."I heard a light voice interrupt me as I was about announcing Sasha.

I turned around wondering who that was,her face seemed farmilar maybe I might have seen her at school or something or she was one of my flings but she was preety.

I had my mind made up on Sasha but the moment I saw her,I just couldn't resist,it was like an invisible force.

I walked slowly towards her as her eyes were fixed on me.

"And you are?."

"Vanessa."She said simply as I took a closer look at her.

Every instinct inside of me was telling me to turn back and pick Sasha but instead ....

"This year it's gonna be Vanessa."I said as everyone cheered.

I grinned at her ,getting closer putting on my best smile,leaning in to seal it off with a kiss like I do every year but instead....

She slapped me!.

"What!."I yelled holding my cheeks as she smirked.

"Skylar,things are gonna be different this year."She said,turning around to go grab a drink as I watched her walk away.

"I'm looking forward to it."I muttered turning to see everyone giggling at what just happened.

I already planned how I would kiss her in front of everyone at school tomorrow,I sincerely can't wait to taste those lips of hers,this year is gonna be so much fun.....



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