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Season 1

Episode 56

(The on-boarding process)

When Charles Lu went upstairs, he saw Autumn working on some leaflets from the travel agency. She was looking for a place with beautiful view and a few visitors, so she could go with her Granny.    

Granny was the one who had been looking after her all these years, and now that she was capable, it was time to repay her with respect.    

"What are you looking at?" Charles stepped forward and saw a lot of web pages on the screen, most of which were travel advice. His brows knitted.  

'Was she making travel plans? Why didn't I know anything about it?' he thought to himself.    

"I am going through some leaflets I got from the travel agency today." 

Autumn was lying on the bed and turned over when she heard Charles coming in. She grabbed a pillow and put it under her head. "Now that I am not working, I'm thinking of taking this opportunity to go around. It is kind of a distraction for me."    

"Which of these two places do you think I should go?" Charles was cold-faced. This little woman was totally not thinking of her husband. 

Going for a trip was such an important activity, but she kept it all to herself.  

"This one." Charles pointed randomly at one place and sat beside her, sulking.    

"Oh…this one…" Autumn hesitated and frowned slightly. "It is very nice but there is quite some climbing. And it's kind of crowded, I am afraid..."    

"Take your time. I'll go take a shower." As sulky as Charles was, he left Autumn in the room, dumbfounded.    

'What's the matter with him?' she wondered.    

Soon Autumn forgot about it and devoted herself to finding out what places were suitable for the elderly to go.  

When Charles stepped out of the bathroom, Autumn was still looking, taking notes with a pen occasionally. She went through the pros and cons of every travel destination carefully, making sure that Granny would have a comfortable trip.    

Charles frowned and slammed the laptop, "It's too late, time for bed."    

He thought he had already expressed his anger very clearly, but did not expect Autumn was absolutely unaware of it. Instead, she softly comforted him. "You go to bed first if you are sleepy. It'll take some more time."    

... ...

Charles almost went mad inside but he kept his countenance and justified pretentiously, "It's too late, I have work tomorrow."    

"It's you who has to go to work, and I don't." Throughout the years in Cloud Advertising, she almost dedicated all her time to work and was not used to this sudden recess at all. "You go to bed now. I will need a while."    

Autumn said so and reached for the laptop. Charles was completely driven up the wall.    

He threw the laptop aside, rolled over and pressed Autumn under his body. She smelled so nice and her body was so soft that he was shamefully now turned on.  

"Hey... Charles, what are you doing?" Autumn was pressed under his body before she was even able to react. Although she had agreed to Charles's pursuit, it didn't mean that she could accept his unexpected intimate behaviors. She blushed and tried to push Charles away, "Stop it."    

"Not working, hah?" Charles gave an evil laugh. They were so close, he could even hear Autumn's heartbeat. He quietly looked at Autumn in his arms and said, "I happen to be short of a secretary, so starting from tomorrow, you will be my secretary till I get the right one."    

"No, I am not…" Before she could finish the sentence, Autumn's lips were sealed by Charles with a kiss. 

He didn't let her go until she was almost spellbound. "So are you going to?"  

Autumn went completely blank, and under the gentle gaze of Charles, she somehow nodded.    

A small smile appeared on Charles's face. He rolled over and laid next to Autumn, put his arms around her and slept all the way till daybreak.    

Early next morning, Charles awakened Autumn. Feeling still sleepy, she didn't want to get up. She sounded like a lazy kitten and was very cute, "Oh, let me sleep for another while…"    

"No, hurry up and come to the office with me."  

Charles pulled Autumn out of bed, "Don't you remember what you agreed last night. You are my secretary as of today. Hurry up, how can an employee get up later than the boss?"    

"Huh? When did I agree?" Autumn covered herself with the quilt and said to Charles.    

"So you don't admit?" Charles lifted the quilt and said in an intimate voice, "Would you like me to help you remember?"    

Hearing this, Autumn was awake all of a sudden, "No… no, thanks. I'll get up right away."    

She blushed and fled to the bathroom. Charles in the bedroom broke into a loud laughter.  

It was Yvonne Gu's first day at work today and he was deliberately bringing Autumn to the office. In her presence, Yvonne shouldn't cross her limits.    

Autumn showed up in a suit with white shirt and a black pencil skirt. With her slender legs exposed, she could immediately draw other's attention. She was also wearing an orange silk scarf, which brightened her up from head to toe.    

Charles frowned slightly and took Autumn upstairs. He demanded Autumn to change her skirt into trousers. Autumn was amused.  

This man could really get jealous.    

Because of this, the two arrived at the office very late. Charles's assistant David Fan was the first to greet them, "Morning, Mr. Lu…"    

His eyes widened when he caught sight of Autumn behind Charles. What happened? How come Mrs. Lu is here?    

"What's up?" Seeing David's eyes fixed upon Autumn, Charles frowned and stepped aside, blocking him from looking at Autumn.    

David despised Charles in his heart for a moment, and for the first time he discovered that his boss was stingy.  

"Oh... Miss Ye came early in the morning." Yvonne was really a headache for David. He had made it quite clear that she should report to HR Department directly, but she refused and insisted on waiting for Charles here.    

"What is she doing here?" David was also aware of Autumn's fake identity in her marriage with Charles, but he pretended that he didn't know anything at all.    

The on-boarding process would also be an issue if both Yvonne and Autumn came to work here.    

"David, please take Yvonne to report to the Secretary Department. She is my personal secretary as of today." 

Charles instructed David, and quickly walked into his office. "And, starting from today, no one except Yvonne is allowed in my office without permission. Get it?"  

"Yes, sir." Charles was trying to declare his loyalty to Autumn in her presence. 

David turned around and told Autumn, "Please come with me, Mrs. Lu."



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