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Season 1

Episode 55

(Chase what did you want)

The table was full of unfinished dishes. Chris thought that they shouldn't waste any food.    

"I've had enough, haven't you? Let's go. I just returned home and there are many things left to be done. Let me drive you home first. I have a video-conference later, " Sam picked up his wallet and told Chris.    

He walked towards the reception counter without saying anything else and waited for Chris at the door.  

There were a lot of people at the hot pot restaurant and it was very noisy. Sam was like a shinning star in the crowd. Chris could catch sight of him easily, which made her feel at ease.    

Chris wanted to spend more time alone with Sam.    

"Where do you live?" Sam asked Chris after they got into the car, "Can you show me the way? I've been living abroad for a long time. Even if you tell me the place, I may not know the way."    

"Okay, " Chris said with a smile. On the way back, Chris didn't say much except giving Sam the directions. 

Sam didn't say much either.  

Chris got annoyed as she knew that Ye and Sam grew up together and that Sam cared about Ye a lot.    

Sam found out Autumn's secret. He was still wondering the reason why she pretended to be Yvonne.    

A few minutes later, they arrived at the Dream Garden and Sam parked his car at the gate. It was a little late, but Chris wanted to grab the chance to spend more time with Sam. She could not help but ask Sam, "Would you... like to come inside for some tea?"    

"No, thanks, " Sam shook his head and said, "It's getting late. Maybe we can hang out some other time."    
"Okay, then, " Chris nodded her head reluctantly, "So... Thank you for driving me home. Drive safe, Sam."

  "Yes, I will, " Sam nodded and said, "Go to work tomorrow on time please. Now I only have you and I only trust you."    

"No problem, " said Chris. She felt better after he reminded her.    

She knew that Sam didn't feel the same way she did. But he needed her at least. She could work hard and try to win his heart in the future.    

Chris hummed as she walked into the house. The light in the living room was on. Gary and Autumn had probably gone to bed. Charles, however, was waiting for her. He looked up at her with an angry expression.  

"Oh so you were willing to come back here?" asked Charles when he saw Chris walking into the living room.    

"Charles, you scared the hell out of me!" Startled by Charles's sudden voice, Chris patted her chest to calm down and asked, "Why are you here? Are you waiting for me?"    

"Come over here and sit down, " Charles directed his hand towards the couch and said to Chris.    

"What's wrong with you today?" The serious look on Charles's face made Chris panic a little. Charles was always strict with her, but she had never seen Charles looking at her like this before. She started to think carefully if she had done something wrong.  

But she couldn't think of anything. She even called Charles to pick Ye up. That was something that Charles should thank her for.    

"Charles, stop looking at me like this. You are freaking me out, " Charles's cold look was hard to handle for her.    

"Are you really gonna work in Sam's company?" asked Charles.    

Chris was immediately relieved when she heard Charles's question. She nodded firmly and admitted, 

"Yes, I've made up my mind."  

She was pondering on how to tell Charles about this. But now Charles had known it and brought it up. She felt that it was not a big deal to admit it.    

She paused for a while and continued, "I know that you want me to work for Shining Company, but I don't want that."    

"Why? Do you think that Shining Company is not as good as HKing Group?" asked Charles, narrowing his brows.    

"Of course not, " Chris denied it at once, "Charles, you brought me up after our parents died. I always know that you have always been devoted to make sure that I chose the right path and be a better person. You have given me a lot of guidance since high school, even in choosing a major in college. I've learnt a lot from your advice, but...  

Sometimes, I just wanted to be able to make decisions by myself. 

Charles, you have always planned everything for me, I really want to plan my own life from now on." 

Chris paused for a while and continued, "Shining Company is a great company, but if I go to work there, everyone would label me as your little sister. They would treat me differently. That's not what I want."    

"Though HKind Group is not as famous as  Shining Company, it is growing. If I work there, nobody would treat me differently. I can totally be myself. That's what I really want."  

"Charles, I hope you understand the reason why I want to work for HKind Group." Chris looked at Charles calmly and continued, "I'm your sister, but I don't want to live under your protection for the rest of my life. I want a chance to prove myself. I might turn out better than you."    

"I understand. But you've missed telling the one important reason. Sam is there, in HKind Group, right?" Charles was blunt and to the point.    
Chris's face turned red when she heard Charles's remark. She looked at Charles embarrassingly and grumbled, "What do you mean by that?"  

"You want to work with him, right?" Charles asked, "I can see why you called me to pick up Ye today. Don't say that you are doing it as a favor. 

You are partly doing it for yourself.    
"... Yes, I am doing it for myself, " Chris admitted generously. She liked Sam. It was not a bad thing. 

"Charles, Sam and Ye grew up together. Don't you feel jealous when you think about it?"    

"I do get jealous. But she is your sister-in-law and my wife now. I know how to handle it." Charles said, "As for you, I know that you like Sam, but he doesn't like you at all. Do you still want to go after him?"  

"That's my business." Chris's face darkened. She had liked Sam for many years. She had hinted that she liked him in many ways. But Sam had been playing dumb over the years.    

She once thought that Sam might not want to be in any kind of relationship or even get married. But she understood now.    

She could tell from the way Sam looked into Ye's eyes that he wanted to be in a relationship, only that he wanted to be with Ye instead of her.    

"So you've made up your mind?" 

Charles and Chris grew up together closely, and he knew her very well. If she had made up her mind to do something, she would never change her decision.  

Chris nodded without any hesitation and said, "Yes, I have."    

"Well, you should have the chance to go after what you want. I won't stop you if you've made up your mind, " Charles stood up and continued, "I just want to tell you one last thing. If you one day have been wronged, you must come to me. You will always have me on your side."    

"Thank you, Charles." Chris knew that Charles had given his consent to her. She looked at Charles gratefully as he walked upstairs.  



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