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Season 1

Episode 54

(Little Ye)

Autumn thought that she could hide the matter from Charles. But Chris, Charles's sister, was a beautiful and smart lady. And she told Charles about it.    

Autumn indeed kept a distance from Sam, but Sam didn't do the same.    

Sam looked at Autumn with great eagerness, seeming to be very possessive about her.    

Chris didn't believe that Sam didn't have any relationship with Autumn.  

So she pretended to go to the bathroom and called Charles.    

She liked Sam openly and brazenly. She didn't care if he and Autumn once were in love with each other. 

And what had happened in the past didn't prevent her from liking Sam. 

Autumn was her sister-in-law who she liked a lot. She didn't want Sam to destroy their good relationship. If Charles took Autumn away, he could not only help Autumn get rid of the embarrassing situation, but also help herself get the chance to spend some time alone with Sam. 
But to her surprise, Charles appeared minutes after she called him.  

"Sam, where's my sister-in-law?" 

After she saw Charles take Autumn away, Chris came out of the bathroom and walked up to Sam. 

Though she and Autumn were both strong-minded lady, they have rather different personalities. Autumn was gentle and quiet.    

Chris, however, was passionate. 

She would bravely pursue whoever she liked.    

Although Autumn had already known Sam before Chris met him, Chris believed that she could win Sam's heart since Autumn was now married.    

Sam remained expressionless. He wanted to chat with Autumn, but Charles's sudden appearance disturbed his plan. He was about to turn around and leave. Then an idea came to his mind. He thought he could use this chance to know more about the things between Charles and Autumn. In this way, he could know Charles well and figure out the best way to win Autumn's heart.  

So he quietly sat in front of Chris. 

"Your brother came here just now. He said that they had something urgent to deal with, so he took your sister-in-law away."    

"My brother?" Chris pretended to be confused and glanced at Sam. 

"How did he know that we are here?"  

"Perhaps your sister-in-law told him, " said Sam flatly. When Autumn saw Charles, she looked astonished. 

Autumn was really surprised and she didn't pretend to do that deliberately, so she mustn't have told Charles that she was here.    

So obviously, Chris was the only person who told Charles about it.    

Although Chris pretended not to know anything, Sam didn't debunk her lie, but rather continued chatting with her.    

When the waiter served the food, Chris tenderly helped him put the food in the pot and asked, "Sam, I remember that you had no interest in hot pot when you lived abroad, but after you came back, how do you..."  

"I don't like hot pot even now, but Little Ye likes it." Sam undisguisedly showed his fondness for Autumn in front of Chris.    

Chris was a little disappointed, but she quickly calmed herself down. She recalled a girl's photo which she found in Sam's wallet before. She asked, "I saw a girl's photo in your wallet. Is that girl my sister-in-law?"    

"Right." Sam nodded and said, "The photo was taken when she was in middle school. At that time, I went abroad in a hurry, so I lost most of her photos. I only have this photo of her."  

Sam gently stroked the wallet on the table, and even the expression on his face softened.    

Chris became jealous. She stayed by Sam's side for many years, but she had never seen such an affectionate expression on his face for her. Perhaps... this was how some men were fond of the women they loved.    

When Sam went abroad, Jane destroyed all of Autumn's photos. The only photo he had of her was the photo he got from Autumn's student's identity card. He kept it safe till date.    

When he lived abroad all these years, this photo gave him company on many lonely nights.  

He was lost in the memory of these past events. Chris saw Sam feeling all nostalgic and she slightly frowned. But she forced a smile and tried to change the topic, "Sam, can you tell me something about my sister-in-law? Although my brother and my sister-in-law have been married for a long time, they didn't meet each other before getting married. I wonder what kind of person she was when she was a little girl."    

"She..." Sam told Chris about Autumn's stories in high spirit, while recalling everything he could from their childhood.    

Chris was curious about the pet name 'Little Ye'. She curiously asked, "Why do you call her 'Little Ye'?"  

"Why do you ask this question?" 

Sam was surprised by this question. Autumn's surname was Ye, so it was easy to understand why he called Autumn 'Little Ye'. He wondered why Chris asked this.    

"I'm just curious about it." Chris bit her lips and smilingly said, "Although Ye is the surname of her mother, her own surname is Gu. 

And there is no word 'Ye' in her name. So I got confused... when I heard you call her in this way."    

"What? Her surname is Gu?" Sam wasn't sure what was happening. He still had no idea on this.    

'She is called Autumn Ye, but why did she change her surname to Gu?' thought Sam.  

Although others didn't know the things about Autumn, he knew everything well. Autumn hated the Gu family and she would never change her surname.    

"Right." Chris looked at Sam with a perplexed look on her face. "Why are you so surprised? My sister-in-law is called Yvonne Gu. Did you forget her full name?"    

"Yvonne Gu?" Sam was even more confused. He wondered why Autumn would change her name to Yvonne Gu? He was certain that even if she really wanted to change her name, she would never pick this name.  

"What's up, Sam? You look very surprised..." said Chris, while looking at Sam in surprise.    

"Nothing..." Sam quickly calmed himself down. He pretended to act calmly as if nothing was on his mind. He said to Chris, "I am used to calling her 'Little Ye', so I never got accustomed to her full name."    

"So that's why you were surprised just now." Chris understood and nodded.    

Sam hesitated for a while and asked Chris, "Chris, do you know someone by the name, 'Autumn Ye'?"    

"Yes." Chris nodded while picking up the beef in hot pot and putting it in Sam's bowl. "I've heard that Autumn is my sister-in-law's cousin. Why do you ask this?"  

"Cousin..." muttered Sam.    

He wondered what all happened when he was abroad, why Autumn became Yvonne, and why Yvonne became Autumn.    

"Sam, you didn't tell me why you call her 'Little Ye', " said Chris insistently.    

"There's no particular reason." Sam decided to keep this secret. He had to ask Autumn whether she kept any other secrets from her family. 

And before he asked Autumn, he had to keep this secret from Chris. So, he couldn't tell Chris the reason. 

"I have called her like this ever since we were kids, but I don't remember the origin of this pet name."  

"Oh, I see..." muttered Chris.    

"Have you finished eating your food?" After he learnt the things he wanted to know, Sam stood up and said, "Let's go. I will drop you home."    

"But you haven't eaten anything..." 

Chris looked at the food on the table. They ordered the food for three people in the beginning, but most of it wasn't put into the pot, since Autumn left and Sam only kept asking things about Autumn.  




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