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Season 1

Episode 42

(Remind Mrs. Lu)

"You can go out now. Close the door when you leave." Charles didn't ask Yvonne to make a decision immediately. Yvonne trembled with anger when she walked out of the office.

Yvonne didn't lose her senses. As angry as she was, she had the least intention to displease Charles.

Yvonne was in a bad mood because Charles refused her requirement. As soon as she left the lift, she wanted to call Autumn and scold her. All of a sudden, a voice reached her ear,"Excuse me."

Yvonne looked at the woman in front of her, and asked,"Who are you?" Soon she remembered that she was the same woman she had seen in Charles's office a few minutes ago.

"I'm Mr. Lu's client." Paula cast a glimpse of Yvonne, and asked smilingly,"May I know your relationship with Mr. Lu?"

Hearing this, Yvonne suddenly became alert. She gave her a dissatisfied glance, and replied impatiently,"That's none of your business."

Although Paula didn't like Yvonne, she still pretended to be warm. She explained with a smile on her face,"I bear you no ill will. When I left the Mr. Lu's office, I heard you call him brother-in-law. So you must be... Mrs. Lu's sister, right?"

Yvonne snorted with a cold laugh,"Mrs. Lu." 'If I hadn't made a mistake, today I would be Mrs. Lu.' She thought to herself. "I am. Why have you come to me?"

"How about we find a cafe and have a drink together? Then we can sit down and have a talk." Paula grabbed Yvonne by the hand warmly and suggested,"I know a cafe nearby and their dessert is delicious. Should we go there?"

After hesitating for a while, Yvonne agreed.

Paula took Yvonne to the cafe. She ordered two cups of coffee and two pieces of cake, and offered them to Yvonne. Paula said with a smile,"Try these. The dessert here is really yummy."

Yvonne took a sip of the coffee. She hadn't slept well last night. She needed coffee to refresh herself.

Yvonne asked coolly,"So what's up?" She didn't know why she agreed to come here with Paula. Perhaps... she thought that they two were greedy people.

Both of their eyes were filled with greed.

"Actually it's nothing serious." Paula had met different kinds of people in all her life. She knew Yvonne's intention of wanting to be together with Charles. Her greedy eyes said it all. 'It's funny that a sister-in-law should admire her brother-in-law.' She thought in disdain.

"I brought us here to remind you that as you're Mr. Lu' sister-in-law." Paula continued with a slight smile,"It's common for a rich and handsome man like Mr. Lu to be surrounded by several beautiful women. But... Mr. Lu is a married man now. Even so, some shameless woman still comes to seduce him."

"Although I haven't met Mrs. Lu yet, I believe that she must be an amazing woman. Otherwise, Mr. Lu wouldn't have been willing to marry her so easily. Recently, a woman in our company has tried all means to seduce Mr. Lu on the excuse of work. Now, Mr. Lu is obsessed with her. As we are women, I think that I should give you a hint today to help your sister. Please tell her to keep a close eye on her husband so as not to give some shameless woman any chance to steal her husband."

"What? You mean someone is trying to seduce C... my brother-in-law?" Upon hearing this, Yvonne's expressions changed immediately. She asked furiously,"Who is that shameless woman?"

"It's hard for me to say. She is my colleague who is good-looking. As our company is working on a project with Shining Company, she always flirts with Mr. Lu when they work together. After I noticed it, I told it to my boss and he fired her. But..." Paula frowned and proceeded,"After she left the company, I'm in charge of the project. Today I came here to discuss the project with Mr. Lu, but Mr. Lu told me that he would stop the cooperation with us if we didn't get her back."

Noticing Yvonne's anger, Paula sighed and continued,"That's why I come to you today."

Paula's words aroused a great rage inside Yvonne.

'I have already had Autumn getting between me and Charles. But now there is this third woman. Now I have to handle two of them.' Yvonne mused.

"By the way, when you mention this matter, please speak good of me in front of Mrs. Lu, if possible. We are a small company and this project with Shining Company is very important to us. Now, Mr. Lu wants to cancel the contract, which puts me into a dilemma. I don't even know how to talk about this to my boss. So, could you ask Mrs. Lu to persuade Mr. Lu to change his mind as I have provided her this information?" Paula said with a smile,"You have my word. I'll repay your kindness once this problem is solved."

Yvonne didn't get pleased after hearing these words. She nodded slightly and said to Paula,"Okay, now that I know it, I'll tell this to my sister. You just watch how I treat that bitch."

Noticing Yvonne's rage, Paula was satisfied. She smiled and said,"Thank you." She then took out a name card from her handbag and gave it to Yvonne. She proceeded,"It's my name card. You can call me anytime if I can be of any help to you."

After she took the name card, Yvonne was taken aback by great surprise. She didn't care about Autumn's life, but she knew where she worked. She gazed at Paula and asked in surprise,"Cloud Advertising Company? You work for Cloud Advertising Company, don't you?"

Paula stared blankly at Yvonne, and asked in confusion,"Yes, I do. Is anything wrong?"

Yvonne calmed down, and then replied,"Nothing. By the way, can you tell me that woman's name?

"Of course." Paula smiled coldly and continued,"Her name is Autumn."

Hearing this, Yvonne was shocked. It never occurred to her that Autumn would be the woman who had fascinated Charles. She asked in amazement,"Autumn?"

She clenched her hands, wanting to ask Autumn face to face for an answer now.

Noticing Yvonne's amazed expression, Paula frowned slightly and asked,"What's wrong?"

Yvonne held Paula's name card tightly, and replied,"Nothing." She smiled coldly and proceeded,"I'll go now. I'll call you if I need your help."

Paula stood up immediately and said,"Okay." She stood there, and saw Yvonne leave. A cold, sly smile appeared on her face.

Meanwhile, Yvonne called Autumn immediately after she walked out of the cafe. She asked angrily,"Autumn, where are you now? You'd better be home now!"

Autumn hadn't returned home since she left Cloud Advertising Company. When she received the call from Yvonne, she was drinking coffee in a cafe alongside the street.

Autumn was unwilling to go home. But thinking of her grandmother, she still took a taxi to to go back to the Gu family.




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