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Season 1

Episode 41

(There Is Nothing That Can Be Done)

"Mr. Lu, do you want to ask why Ye didn't come here?" Paula hated Autumn, but she remained calm and said,"She has quit her job, so I'm in charge of her job from now on. Mr. Lu, we..."

Charles was left confused when he learnt that Autumn had resigned. Despite that, he told Paula,"Go back and tell Mr. Zhou that I will only collaborate with her. If she has quit her job, I think there is no reason to cooperate anymore."

Charles entered the office, passed by Paula who stood in front him and sat at his office desk. He then became busy with some documents.

Paula remained stunned for a long while. She didn't expect Charles not to react at all.

"Mr. Lu..." She frowned perplexedly. She took every means to sow dissension between Ryan and Autumn. Now she had finally forced Autumn to leave Cloud Advertising Company. But since Charles insisted on working with Autumn, she didn't know how to explain this to Ryan.

"Is there anything else?" asked Charles flatly, while discontentedly glancing at Paula who stood nearby.

Paula continued to hesitate. She tried every way to drive Autumn out of the company and was just promoted to the Planning Director position. So she didn't want to fail in dealing with the first case in this position.

"Mr. Lu, I know that it is Ye who gets in touch with you to deal with all the previous cases. But now she has quit her job. Mr. Zhou pays high attention to the cooperation with the Shining Company, so he asked me to come here to discuss the case with you. I promise that we will certainly..."

"Miss Pan!" Charles didn't want to talk with Paula anymore. He interrupted her before she finished her sentence and said,"I don't think that a person, who messed up my stuff, will devote herself wholly to the job. You have to ask Ye to come here to talk to me, otherwise... I will cooperate with another company."

Although the time was bit tight, they would definitely be able to prepare everything on time.

"Mr. Lu..." After she heard this, Paula felt very embarrassed. However, she didn't want to give up hope. When she was about to speak again, somebody opened the office's door.

"Charles!" When the glass door opened, Paula looked towards the door. There was a beautiful lady standing there. She wore an off-the-shoulder dress showing off her thin collar bones. She wore delicate makeup and her long eyelashes slightly trembled. She looked like a well-dressed doll.

But she looked very angry.

"David Fan!" When he saw the lady at the door, Charles got so angry that he called David's full name. David embarrassedly stood behind the lady and said,"Mr. Lu, I couldn't stop..."

Charles knew that David was telling the truth, but now his office had become a place where people could get in and out freely. "If this happens again next time, you have to go to the HR Department and accept punishment."

"Yes..." David was very upset over it.

"Miss Pan, is there anything else?" Charles looked at Paula and said,"I have made it clear. I have other things to deal with now. Please go back and tell Mr. Zhou what I just said."

Paula saw how annoyed Charles was at this moment, so she had no other option than to leave. She couldn't help but take a glance at the lady as she passed by her. Charles's office door slowly closed. She heard that lady say,"Brother-in-law, I come to your company to work as your secretary, but the staff of the HR Department asks me to..."

'Brother-in-law? Is she Mrs. Lu's sister?'

Paula pondered over it. After she came out of Charles's office, she didn't leave the company, but instead waited for that lady at the lobby on the ground floor.

The lady was Yvonne. Autumn agreed to put in a good word for her, so she went to Charles's company in the morning for the job interview.

Taking advantage of her identity, she took the Shining Company as her own family's company. She also arrogantly talked to the staff of the HR Department and insisted on becoming Charles's secretary.

Charles had already told the HR Department's staff in advance that they had to interview her objectively and formally. She wanted to be Charles's secretary, but she didn't pass the English Test. At last, the HR Department's staff made her the clerk of one of the other departments. Yvonne was very furious to know that. She rushed to Charles's office to ask for his help.

"Charles, Those people in your company bullied me. They asked me to work as a clerk and do some odd chores." Yvonne's complaints didn't seem to end,"Except for the position of being your secretary, I won't accept any other position. Please go and tell them to let me be your secretary."

Yvonne grasped Charles's sleeve and said,"You must help me this time. How dare they bully me this way? You better fire them right away."

"Get your hands off me!" Charles pushed Yvonne's hand away with disgust. He wondered why his wife was so nice, but her sister was just so unreasonable.

"Charles, I..." Yvonne embarrassedly looked at her hand which he pushed back. She still said,"I know I'm not the best fit for this job and have some shortcomings. But please trust me, I will try my best to do my job well as long as I work as your secretary. My sister can only take care of you in daily life, and I can help and take care of you at work..."

Yvonne blushed while saying these words. It was evident what she meant.

Charles frowned at this. He wondered how she was so self-confident.

"Are you that eager to be my secretary?" asked Charles.

"Yes." Yvonne firmly nodded and told Charles,"Since the day I met you for the first time at our house, I have admired you. I think that I can learn a lot if I can be your secretary and work for you. Please let me work by your side."

Charles sneered and said,"It is not an easy job to be my secretary. We won't employ you just because of your good looks. Have you passed the English Test? Are you willing to go out and deal with things whenever I give you orders? Are you good at drinking?"

"I..." Yvonne was stunned by Charles's questions. She didn't know how to answer him at that moment.

"I don't want to hire a person who is good for nothing. I can let you be a clerk in my company, just for your sister's sake. You will never get in the Shining Company if she doesn't recommend you." Charles uttered these words heartlessly. Yvonne, who looked at Charles, almost cried.

"Brother-in-law, I..."

"Shut up! From now on don't call me 'brother-in-law' anymore." Charles interrupted Yvonne. He didn't want to waste his time on such a tiresome woman. "If you want to work here, you can come to work from tomorrow. I will tell the HR Department not to give you too much work."

Charles paused and said,"For your sister's sake, I will arrange this work position for you. If you are unwilling to accept this job, you can go now."

"Charles!" Yvonne was so angry that she began to stamp her feet. Since Charles had made up his mind, no matter what she said, he wasn't going to change his mind.





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