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Season 1

Episode 38

(Paula's Politics)

"What? Do you admire me?" Autumn sneered,"I heard that Mr. Zhang from the Pansy Company came to our company for business several weeks ago. His wife was pregnant. You already knew about that but still went on to seduce him. What happened? You ended up being beaten by his wife. Your tactic... didn't work." "You...

You..." Because of this incidence, Paula became a joke in the company. Mr. Zhang also detested her after that. When Autumn mentioned this matter, it infuriated Paula further.

But she calmed herself down immediately.

She looked at Autumn and said,"You better not try and infuriate me. I'm the planning director now. From today on, as long as I'm in the position, you should listen to me. Be assured, I will treat you well."

Autumn frowned. She wasn't afraid of Paula. But her words hurt her.

She thought for a while and said,"Paula, we've been colleagues for three years. Over the past three years, you kept confronting me. It never bothered me. The reason why I am here is to earn a living and repay Mr. Zhou for the faith he showed in me. I'm not you. I don't care about the position of the planning director. If you like it, you can take it."

"Really?" Paula responded with a sneer,"Ye, if you are really that easygoing, why not resign right now?"

Paula looked at Autumn and said,"You know that you will never have a peaceful life under my leadership. Why do you still want to work here?

Do you want to repay your obligation to Mr. Zhang?" Autumn didn't seem to care about anything. This infuriated Paula further. "Now that you have repaid your obligation, why are you still here?"

Taking a sip of coffee, Autumn coolly said,"Paula, you don't need to use reverse psychology on me. After I finish the Shining Company's case, I will resign immediately."

"You said it." Since Paula got what she wanted, she left Autumn's office with great satisfaction. There she saw Ryan entering his office. Suddenly an idea struck her mind. She went towards Ryan,"Mr. Zhou, I've something to tell you."

Ryan stopped. Looking at Paula, he nodded,"Come in, please."

Paula trailed behind Ryan and entered his office. Closing the glass door, she stood in front of Ryan's office table.

In the morning, Ryan got a phone call from the Shining Company. They wished to accelerate the preparation. Ryan wanted to ask Autumn to discuss with them before meeting Paula.

"Is there anything you want to tell me? Be quick. I'm very busy." Ryan said.

"Mr. Zhou, the Shining Company's case has been settled, hasn't it?" Paula asked.

"Yes. I was just going to tell Ye to visit the Shining Company right now. You either tell me why you are here or leave. Don't stand here humming and hawing." Ryan replied.

"Okay. I'll come straight to the point." Paula paused for a while and then continued to say,"Now that the Shining Company's case has been settled, how about... letting me take charge of the rest of the work?"

"You?" Ryan paused,"It is Ye who has been in the charge of this case. She knows this case best. So, naturally she is the best person in charge of this case."

"Mr. Zhou, have you forgotten that thing? Ye has a deep relationship with Mr. Lu of the Shining Company. When we were making the plan, you must have noticed that she stood on the side of the Shining Company. If you leave the rest of the work on her, things will probably get wrong. Therefore, I think I'm the best person to take charge of it." Paula stopped for a while and continued,"Since the plan is settled, the rest of the work is not necessary to be done by her. Above all, I'm the planning director of the Cloud Advertising Company now. If you let me take over the case, it will prove that our company gives due importance to this case."

"But..." Ryan was confused now. But his main thought was that Autumn had long been associated with the Shining Company. Moreover, she had a relationship with Charles...

"Mr. Zhou, I know that you care about Autumn and Charles' deep relationship and so you let her take charge of this case. But we all know that Mr. Lu is married. If her affair with Mr. Lu is known by Mrs. Lu, it will definitely affect the reputation of our cooperation. What will we do then?" Paula's words seemed to make sense. Ryan began to hesitate now.

"Mr. Zhou, we can't make much profit from this case anyway. We should strive for the next cooperation, but..." Paula frowned, pretending to be embarrassed, and then continued,"I went to Autumn's office just now. It seemed as if she was planning to resign after finishing the Shining Company's case."

Seeing Ryan's face turn sour, Paula knew that her words were working. She still continued making persistent effort,"Mr. Zhou, if she really resigns, given her ability, she can easily take away orders of the Shining Company. Therefore, we shouldn't let her be in contact with the Shining Company any more. It is not cost-effective for us to lose this key account."

"I see. You can go now." Ryan was filled with anger now. He had invested a lot in Autumn over the years. But he didn't expect that she would leave him so easily.

Paula didn't say anything after that. She was certain that Ryan would make a decision that would satisfy her.

Not long after Paula left, Ryan went to Autumn's office in a huff. Looking at Ryan's back, Paula sneered.

When Ryan rushed to Autumn's office, she was talking to David on the phone. She fixed an appointment with the company to discuss about the plan. Seeing Ryan break in with anger, she immediately hung up the phone.

"Mr. Zhou, what happened?" Autumn frowned slightly, 'What happened this morning? Nobody here knocked at the door when entering the office.'

"What happened?" Ryan repeated her question ironically. Looking at Ryan's angry face, Autumn knew something was amiss.

"Don't you know what you have done? Why are you asking me?" Ryan sneered,"Ye, I used to think that you were different from other woman. But today I found out that you are a bitch. You knew that Charles was married but you still mingled with him. You have no shame at all!"

"I can't understand what you are talking about." Autumn knitted her brows. Since Ryan pushed his words as hard as stone, it was really tough for her to swallow.

"You can't understand?" Ryan sneered. He liked Autumn very much. He had pursued her for a long time but still couldn't win her heart. He felt discouraged. 'Speaking of Charles, he is just richer than me.' Ryan thought.

Autumn knew Charles had a wife but still mingled with him. Ryan had already labelled Autumn as a bitch in his heart for pursuing Charles.




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