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Season 1

Episode 33

(The Third Wheel)

"Didn't say that to me over there just now?" The boy blurted out without giving it a second thought. The girl felt awkward.

Autumn was a little unhappy about what he said.

To be honest, the girl had left a great impression on Autumn. She looked pretty and charming. She even had two dimples. Autumn was soft-hearted and she was about to let them have their table moments ago.

But the boy's words changed her mind.

"Ms..." The girl looked at her timidly. She could tell from Autumn's countenance that she was unhappy. Actually, today was neither her birthday nor her boyfriend's. Moreover, her boyfriend was a local resident. She said that only to win Autumn's sympathy. "Please...Please say yes, I'll really appreciate it."

"Sorry, we don't need your appreciation." Autumn was still thinking about how to say no, but Charles helped her out. He put his hands on her shoulders from behind and told the young couple,"You are right, actually. She's not my girlfriend."

On hearing that, the boy smirked. "Did you hear that? I told you I am right."

The girl pinched him hard and still struggled to win the entree. "Mr, we are sincerely asking for your kindness. If you let us in, then this coupon is yours. How about that..."

Charles stared at her coldly. Autumn knew it was his sign of losing temper. She immediately held back his hand and said,"Forget about them. Let's get in."

Autumn didn't want a row, but the girl was unwilling to swallow the refusal down. Since Charles and Autumn didn't give them the entree, she began to curse. "Be careful not to be discovered by your partners. Otherwise, I would like to see how you save your ass!"

Autumn had always been a well behaved girl. But now, even she couldn't help but scold the girl.

"Young girl, I advice you to watch your language. It's our right to give away the entree to you or not. I am not his girlfriend, because I am his wife. We are married. I'm sorry to say that but no man would like a mean wife like you. You are still young." Autumn's scolding was a little heavy for her. But she deserved it. Otherwise, she would always think she was right.

"Ha. Married." Obviously, the girl didn't buy it.

Charles held Autumn's hand and said with deep love. "Look. What do these people think of us now? Dare you ever get angry with me because of those trivial things? Don't have a row with me ever again, okay? "

I won't." Autumn blushed when she saw the trace of love in his eyes.

They ignored people next to them and didn't care about the young couple at all. They were about to step into the cable car when a man in a suit got down from the top of the hill. He greeted Charles with a smile and said. "Welcome! Mr. Lu! Why didn't you call me in advance? If I knew you are here earlier, I would invite you in and you didn't have to wait in the line. "

Obviously the man was a friend of Charles'. His politeness to Charles was more like a teasement. He slightly turned his head and caught the sight of Autumn. "Mrs. Lu, you are here too. "

Autumn nodded at him. Though she didn't remember meeting him before, she had to respond to him politely, since he greeted her.

"Mr. Guo." The man who controlled the cable car saw the man in suit and came to greet him. "May I help you? What do you come down for? "

"It's okay. I don't need anything. Off you go." Eric Guo

said to him. He then turned to Autumn and said,"Mrs. Lu, please enjoy the dinner in the VIP room with Mr. Lu. "

"Then... Thank you." Autumn stood behind Charles. Her peaceful mannerisms made everyone comfortable.

The young couple knew they made a mistake and escaped quietly.

Eric Guo insisted on sitting in the same cable car with them. Before they headed for the restaurant, he spoke to an employee. "Don't let anyone like that couple in the next time. People like them tend to disturb other guests."

"Yes..." The employee responded in agreement. He had no chice but to follow his boss' instructions.

"Yvonne, is Charles hard to please?"


"I tell you. He..."

Eric Guo began talking about Charles' past as soon as they got on the cable car. He blurted out everything from his childhood awkwardness to his grown-up stories. Autumn listened to him quietly and laughed occasionally.

Charles listened silently, getting more and more angry.

He had tried hard to make her laugh all this while, but she just didn't laugh. But just a few words from Eric Guo should make her laugh so merrily.

Our Mr. Lu was very jealous now.

But he didn't realise that Autumn was actually laughing at those funny things because they involved Charles.

"Yvonne, you..." Eric Guo grew up with Charles. They talked about almost everything. This was the first time Charles brought a girl to his place. Eric Guo knew him very well. So he realised that this girl must be special to Charles. That's why he tried so hard to talk to her and make her laugh.

After all... this girl would be the only one Charles truely loved.

Eric Guo was still talking vigorously, but Charles couldn't stand it any longer. So he coughed to interrupt his talk. Eric Guo guessed that he would never act in an impetuous way in front of his wife, so he pretended to be unaware of the true meaning of his coughing. To tease him further, he asked,"Are you okay? Is there anything wrong with your throat?"

Autumn tried hard to hold back her laughter.

The cable car finally arrived. Eric Guo got off the cable car first, and then he turned around to assure that Yvonne carefully got off the cable car. He said,"Yvonne, be careful."

He wanted to help her out, but he withdrew his hand when he saw Charles' furious eyes.

Eric Guo didn't come here every day. He just happened to check the accounts today. He saw Charles on the monitor, so he hurried down to take them to the restaurant. He even let them dine in his private VIP room.

"Yvonne, take the seat." Eric Guo pulled out the chair for Autumn. To be honest, it was a nice room. From the French windows, they could feast their eyes with the beautiful night scene of Y city.

From the hill top, the lights from the houses and apartments beneath looked like stars twinkling.

"Eric, don't you have your errands to run?" Charles was impatient. He managed to take her out for dinner. But he didn't expect this third wheel. He was going crazy now.

But Eric Guo blinked innocently and said,"No. Since Yvonne is here for the first time. I must treat her well."

Charles, with a cold face, swore to himself that he would arrange David to build a restaurant the moment he got home. It didn't have to be better than Eric Guo's restaurant, but at least he could get

some quality time with his wife there.





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