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Season 1

Episode 32

(It's A Date!)

Gary suggested,"You have never met each other before getting married, let alone gone on a date. Why don't you go out on a date today?"

Charles cheerfully accepted the suggestion of his grandpa. Gary and Chris indeed helped him a lot after they came back. Charles was very pleased to have a date with Autumn, but she was feeling a bit awkward about the whole idea of a date.

Before they went out, Charles called David to seek advice on which restaurant was perfect for couples. David recommended him a French restaurant.

The moment they got in the car, Autumn couldn't resist saying,"Charles, I think we can just go on a short tour nearby and return back home."

Autumn felt that if people saw them on this date, they might think otherwise. Charles didn't utter a single word, but directly "pounced" on her.

Autumn was taken aback and went stiff. However, Charles only did that to buckle her seat belt. He then started the engine.

The car slowly picked the pace. The car windows were open and the night breeze kissed Autumn's hair. Charles could smell a pleasant perfume from her.

After about twenty minutes, Charles pulled over at the foot of a hill. He opened the car door for Autumn, and held her hand.

Autumn knew this restaurant.

The hill was at the outskirts of the city, and the restaurant was located at the top of the hill. The restaurant was extremely popular as the Y City rendezvous for lovers because of its unique design style and environment.

Many couples came here to have an afternoon tea or a light supper. The ambiance around would definitely make it an unforgettable experience for every couple.

Autumn had always wanted to come here, but she had no boyfriend. She didn't expect Charles to bring her here.

"You... Why do you bring me here?" Autumn stood still and asked Charles in embarrassment.

This restaurant was popular with dating couples. Was it appropriate... for them to come here?

"Don't you like it here?" Charles asked with a frown. He didn't get the point of what Autumn said. "David recommended this restaurant to me. If you don't like it here, we can find another restaurant."

"No, I didn't mean it that way." Autumn stopped Charles and muttered,"This restaurant... is for lovers. It's inappropriate for us to come here."

Charles went blank for a moment before he finally realised what Autumn was trying to say. He grabbed her hand with a straight face,"Don't forget we are husband and wife. The restaurant is appropriate for us."

"But..." 'We are not the 'real' husband and wife, ' Autumn thought.

Before Autumn could retort, Charles grabbed her hand and stood in line for the cable car.

There was no way to go to the restaurant other than taking this cable car. While sitting in a compact space, couples could enjoy the beautiful scenery and talk peacefully. This would definitely accentuate the romance between couples.

It was time for supper, and there were many couples waiting here. Romance was in the air. Some kissed their partners, while some hugged their lovers. But Charles and Autumn were exceptions. Although Charles held Autumn's hand tightly, there was no romance between them. They

both looked away from each other.

Charles and Autumn finally got to the front of the line. The worker responsible for the cable car apologised to the couple behind Charles and Autumn,"I'm so sorry to inform you that our restaurant is fully occupied." He looked at Charles and Autumn and continued,"In order to give our customers a sound dining experience, we have decided to not accept any more customers tonight and this gentleman and lady are the last ones. I'm so sorry."

As soon as he finished his sentence the couples behind Charles and Autumn started arguing.

"We came all the way to have supper here. Now, you are telling us that the restaurant is fully occupied. You can't do this."

"Right. We waited for a long time. You should have informed us earlier."

"My wife has been looking forward to this dinner for some time. But..."

"Everyone..." The worker opened his mouth. Charles and Autumn were the last lucky couple. They stood still, speechless. The worker said in a placating voice,"I'm so sorry for what just happened. Our manager said, people who are unable to have dinner tonight can enjoy a 20% discount next time."

"What? We are not here for the discount!"

"We are here for the environment and food."

Obviously, the worker was accustomed to such a scene. He smiled and said,"I know you choose our restaurant for its environment and food. If you were having dinner in the restaurant and there were dozens of people waiting outside, could you enjoy the food peacefully?"

The couples now got silent. The worker continued,"What we are doing is only to give our customers a good dining experience. How about this? People who are unable to have dinner tonight can have free baked snails next time. I hope you understand and support our work, please?"

"Okay. It's useless for us to keep waiting. Let's go and find another place."

"Let's go."

The worker kept apologising to the couples, and they accepted his apology.

Autumn and Charles were about to get in the cable car when a timid voice came from behind,"Excuse me..."

Autumn and Charles turned around. A lady about twenty years old stood there, with her boyfriend standing next to her.

"What can I do for you?" Autumn knew Charles would not talk to them, so she opened her mouth.

"Ms, today is my birthday. My boyfriend managed to come here from another city only to celebrate my birthday. He has to go back later himself. I know I shouldn't say this, but today is an important day for us, so... could you offer us your seats, please?" The girl smiled at Autumn with a pair of innocent eyes.

Autumn was soft hearted. Though she always wanted to have dinner in this restaurant, she could not say no to this girl.

Autumn turned to Charles. Before Charles could say anything, the boy next to the girl opened his mouth,"Forget it, Nana. Don't beg her to accept your request. Look at them. She doesn't even look like his girlfriend. It seems as if they are having an affair. We should not bother them."

"Don't blather..." Nana patted the boy's hand awkwardly. She again looked at Autumn and said,"Ms, he is talking nonsense. We have been waiting for a long time, so..."




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