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🙃🙂Crazy Anna🙃🙂

🙂Season 2🙂

(Who am I??)

🙂Episode 8🙂

‘Anna!!!'..Jake screamed as she tumbled onto the ground..

Maria grabbed a cup of water as he carried her to the back of the cafe counter so as not to attract the customers attention..

‘Anna are you okay??'. She asked as she splashed a little bit of water on Anna's face...

Anna opened her eyes and found herself on the floor with Jake and Maria staring at her worriedly..

‘I..I'm sorry I just had another blurred vision'..She said and Maria lifted her to her feet..

‘You had another blur?,What did you see this time?'..Jake asked..

‘Well it wasn't clear though,it looked like an animal or something'..She replied..

What animal?,Jake wondered but decided not to ask further questions so as not to make Anna feel more uncomfortable..

He guided her to the cafe bench and picked up the menu book...

*Cinnamon buns
*Chocolate cake with De-caf coffee
*Butterscotch Scone with lemon zest
*Chicken pot pie...

‘Hmmm we'll have two pot pies and a box of your butter scones Maria'..He said and Maria went into her kitchen...

Minutes later she came back with two paper bags filled with their order..

‘How much is it??'..Jake asked and she laughed...

‘No need Jake,just take it a compensation of what you've done for my best friend'...


Anna and Jake were back home and the both went towards the kitchen to have their lunch...

‘Do you still remember what Animal you saw?'..Jake asked as he sliced through the chicken pie..

‘No I can't,all i remember was that they were running so fast and there was dust everywhere'...she replied..

Running so fast??..

Dust everywhere??..

‘Oh yes Horses!!!,you used to love riding horses Anna!!!,you're doing a pretty good job?!'..Jake exclaimed excitedly..

‘J..J..Jake?!!'..Anna screamed..


‘Th..there's a spider,there's a spider on your head!!!!'..




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