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🙃🙂Crazy Anna🙃🙂

🙂Season 2🙂

(Who am I??)

🙂Episode 7🙂

‘Yes Anna or don't you remember?,I fired you after that crazy incident cause you broke your arm'..Jake said as he poured some water into his glass...

‘You fired me?!,why?!'..Anna asked and he laughed..

‘You have no idea of how crazy you were then Anna,you were the most crazy woman I've ever met at that moment and no offense but you were totally annoying,you too much and you loved drinking'..He replied...

Anna kept mute and wondered if she ever did those drastic and crazy things Jake was talking about but what does she know?!!..

She doesn't even know who she is...

‘Uhmmm by any chance Jake,do you know my parents?'..She asked...

Jake paused and dropped the spoon he was holding into a small cup and sighed...

‘I'm sorry to say this but you're an orphan,your parents died in a car crash Anna and I really wish you remember something,the only person close to you is Maria'...He replied .

‘Maria? Who's that?!'..Anna asked. .

‘Maria is the owner of the famous Downtown brown cafe and she makes the most delicious scones and pies you could ever dream of and she's also your best friend'..Jake said..

My best friend,i don't even remember my dead parents talk less of my best friend,Anna thought and snuggled close to her pillow...

‘Can you do me a favor Jake??'..She asked..

‘Yeah what is it??'..

‘Can you take me to downtown browns so I could see this Maria of a person??'..


The car stopped and Jordan came out of it walking towards Arnold's house...

He had the daring look on his face and Arnold's security guard thought that he was going to kill somebody..

‘Wait sir??,your identification please'..He said and Jordan scoffed..

‘My identification??are you mad or what?!'..Jordan screamed but the guard ignored him..

‘Your identification sir,you can't come into the house without identifying yourself,failure to do so will abhor some consequences'...

Heather heard the racket that was going on outside and when she went there she hissed..

‘Jeff take Jordan outside,my husband doesn't want to see this pig'..she said..

Jordan stood there motionless and bleak about what was just happening as the guard pushed him outside...

What is going on??..


‘Anna!!!'..Maria screamed as Anna walked through the door and hugged her really tight..

Anna stared at the stranger who Jake claimed to be her best friend and smiled..

‘I heard what happened to you Anna and I know about your memory loss but don't worry I'll help you'..Maria said so fast that Jake wondered if the black lady could really breathe..

Anna looked around the cafe and then suddenly blur images flashed through he mind again making her head ache so bad.....

‘What is happening to me?!!,why am I seeing this images?!!,why does my head hurt so bad?!'..Anna screamed as she slowly lost consciousness..



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