Sunday, 14 June 2020


🙃🙂Crazy Anna🙃🙂

🙂Season 2🙂

(Crazy Love)

🙂Episode 28🙂

Jake held Anna's hair behind her back as she vomited profusely into the bathroom...

‘Let it all out babe,let it all out'..he muttered and after that she was done..

‘Gosh i hate this pregnancy'..Anna muttered as a wave of emotion engulfed her..

‘Aw don't say that babe you're just pissed off and sore that's all,very soon a bouncing baby girl would be in our arms'..Jake replied as they both walked to the room they both share...

‘Huh?...what makes you think that it's going to be a girl??'..She asked as she plunked down on the sofa...

‘I don't know I just said it anyway but I pray it's going to be a girl'...He replied and sniffed a little bit...

Why was he feeling so awkward towards her all of a sudden??..

He loved her so much but why does he feel like love isn't enough for the both of them?¿...

Something was missing but what was it_??..

*******  *******  *******

‘Really??,you've got to be kidding me Heather?!!'..Jordan cursed as he paced around the room angrily..

‘He's bankrupt Jordan and everything has been mortgaged,what are we going to do now!??'..Heather cried out frantically in response..

‘There's nothing like ‘we' Aunty,I'm done with you!!'...Jordan said and tried walking away but Heather held his arm..

‘What do you mean by you're done?!!,you're not done until i say so Jordan Sica,i helped you get away with Clarice's murder even though it was my husband who set you up,I gave you a million dollars and only God knows what you used the money for so you can't be done with me,cause I'm not done with you yet?!!!'...She fired back and Jordan laughed..

‘You may be beautiful but you sure are stupid,do you really think that i would fuck your wild and slacked pu**y for no just reason?!!,I did it for the cash Heather,I used you don't you get it and i don't care if you do anything to me and in fact I'm gonna call the police and tell them about how you sent goons to kill your husband!!!'..

‘Well not until I kill you first motherfucker!!!'..

******   ******  ******

‘That's not how to do it Jake,you do it like this'..Anna said excitedly as she helped him straighten out the baby hamper...

Since they were both expecting a child they decided to start preparing the nursery...

The baby is still 7 months away but Jake was too excited and already bought a crib...

‘You know that i love you Anna'...He said and Anna smiled..

‘Yeah i know'..she responded..

‘Well I was wondering if we c....

He tried to say but his phone rang...

📱;Hello...hmm..not again??..Okay fine..bye..

‘Who was that??'..Anna asked and he sighed..

‘Jordan was killed Anna..'




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