Sunday, 14 June 2020


🙃🙂Crazy Anna🙃🙂

🙂Season 2🙂

(Crazy Love)

🙂Episode 27🙂

‘What do you mean by Karma is always at work??'..Jake asked with a streak of grief on his face....

‘Uhhhh have you forgotten what he did to you?,he tried to take your company and also tried to kill me Jake but unfortunately I lost my memory in the process Jake,you should be happy!!'..Anna replied..

‘Hmmmm I guess so,but first Clarice died and now it's my Uncle Arnold,don't you think it's a coincidence,someone planned it'..He implied and rubbed his temples in frustration....

Even though his uncle was a wicked,vile and evil person he still felt sad loosing another family member..

‘Okay boo it's time to stop thinking about your uncle,you've got a pregnant feet to rub'..Anna said trying to make him laugh or something and it worked,he laughed...

‘Okay your highness,your wish is my command'..

*******   *******  ******

A Week later



Arnold was buried in a sullen state...


Not so much as underneath Heather's crying and sorrowful face there was nothing else but sheer happiness...

The only obstacle stopping her from staying with Joyner and gaining the wealth she really deserved...

‘Anna let's go home'..Jake said as the atmosphere of the after-party became too unruly..

Who the hell hires strippers to their husbands burial party???..

They both left and just that minute Jordan walked in thus bumping into the both of them..

‘What the?...'..He and his brother said both in unison and groaned after that...



They both winced and walked away in opposite directions not looking back at each other...

‘Hey what's the deal between you and your brother,you're still beefing each other??'..Anna asked as she entered the car...

‘Leave that asshole alone Anna,by the way you look pale'..Jake responded and placed a hand on her forehead..

‘Jesus you're burning!!!'..He screamed..

‘Really??,cause I feel nausea coming up too'..she replied and he smiled..

‘Yeah the doctor said the first trimester would be like that though,so let's get home fast before you...

He tried to say but stopped in the middle as Anna vomited on the car seat..

‘I think we're gonna ride bicycles for the next month'...

*******  ******  *******

After a vigorous round with Heather,Jordan went into the bathroom and popped nitrate vials into his nose..

‘Jordan you've gotta come see this!!!'..Heather screamed..

He wrapped a robe around his body and walked back into the room only to see Heather looking at her PC..

‘What's the problem??'..He asked as he sat next to her..

‘I..I just logged into Arnold's account Jordan,he's totally bankrupt!!!'..




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