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🙃🙂Crazy Anna🙃🙂

🙃Season 2🙃

(Crazy Love)

🙂Episode 25🙂

‘ remember?'..Jake stuttered as Anna held onto his leather print jacket...

‘Yes!!,i remember that I was a nurse for your mother,I remember that I'm Anna Mckendrick,i remember everything Jake!!!'...she cried out in reply.

‘Everything??'..Jake managed to say..

‘Yeah-and most importantly i remember that i___

‘That you what??'..

‘That I loved you and still love you Jake Sica'..she said with her eyes glazed with incoming tears..

Jake grabbed her by the waist and crushed his lips to hers kissing her like never before...

He's waited so long to hear those words come out of her mouth...

‘come on,let's go to the hospital'..

********    ********  *******

‘This is a miracle!!!'..was all Doctor Brown could say as he examined Anna in the examination room..

‘Hmmm a miracle indeed,yeah Brown I also remembered how you fired me just because a patient slapped my butt!!!'..Anna retorted and he laughed..

‘My deepest apologies for that Anna,truth be told the hospital hasn't been the same without you,why don't you come back to work for us??'..He said..

‘No she wouldn't be doing that anytime soon'..Jake butted in as he sat on the green bean bag..

‘Huh?..why?'..Anna asked..

‘Well you're pregnant remember,I can't have you running around the hospital and catering to sick people needs when there's a child in your belly??'..Jake admonished..

‘Well i can't sit at home doing nothing just because I'm pregnant,it's 2months old Jake I'm not an invalid!!'..Anna fired back..

Doctor Brown watched as the two lovers squabbled away and all he could do was sigh...

He wished he had a girlfriend..

****** ******* *******

Anna shut the door angrily as Jake tried to walk into her room in such a rude manner...

‘Did you just shut the door in my face Anna??'..Jake asked..

‘Yeah I did what are you gonna do about it?'..Anna replied and placed her hands on both hips..

Now that she'd gotten her memory back she's returned to her normal crazy self..

Jake smiled as he walked towards her and she stepped back...

‘You can't go back to work Anna,please understand that'..

‘Well i want to go back to work and if you're not happy then to hell with you!!!!"...



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