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😁 crazy Anna 😁

Season 2

(Who am I?)

Episode 23

"You what??" Jake asked unable to believe his ears...

"I remember! I remember everything!" She squeak and hugged Jake immediately as tears roll down her cheeks....

"Omg this is good news. Finally you remember everything." Jake said as he very happy.

Happy he's gonna be a father soon and happy the love of his life remembers him..

"Am sorry Jake for not trying harder soon enough. I love you okay?" She said sadly as her eyes had become glossy.

" Ssh baby it's okay what matters is that you remember me and everything we shared. I guess this child is a blessing in disguise. " Jake said and squats infront of her before kissing her tummy.

" Yes I'm more than happy everything is falling into place for me .  I feel like yelling right now. " She squeak excitedly.

" Calm down buttercup you still need to get some rest , don't worry about the mess. " Jake was smiling sheepishly.

.I had waited patiently for this day to come...

For a moment i thought she wasn't gonna remember me again...

'hell no it's my mess let me help okay? " She said but I objected....

" No Anna go upstairs and freshen up I'll be done before you know it. " Jake said and pecked her forehead.

She smiled and walked towards the stairs as all she could think of right now was how to make Jake happy 

He had patiently tolerated her without complains and even cleaned up her mess...

What can she asked for?

Jake is the perfect one for her.

She smiled to herself and went upstairs to her room and took a shower.

*"" ""******

Jordan on the other hand was working on deceiving Heather and taking all her money before dumping her.

She wants rough sex and I want money , that makes us even.

Am just gonna have to play along if I really wanna get cash from her .



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