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🙃🙂Crazy Anna🙃🙂

🙂Season 2🙂

(Who am I??)

🙂Episode 21🙂

‘Pizza by 1am?,where do you want me to get that from?!!'..Jake exclaimed and Anna bursted into stupid years...

‘You don't care about me any more and I'm glad you don't,I'll go find someone else'..She cried out and Jake winced.

‘Really??but_ okay fine I'll go get you pizza,so can I rest now??'.he replied.



‘Getting pizza by 1am in the morning so pathetic'...Jake muttered as he drove his sedan jeep to the nearest Pizza shop he knew...

‘One medium smoked salmon pizza please??'..He said as he walked towards the counter..

‘That'll be 5 bucks please'..the waitress replied and he gave her some loose change inside his wallet..

‘Keep the change please,thank you'..he said as he grabbed the squared box from her hands...

Twenty minutes later
‘Thank you so much'..Anna squealed as Jake dropped the pizza on her laps .

‘Hmmm'..he replied and went back upstairs to bed...

He was so tired and sleepy that he felt like he was going to slump down on the staircase..

‘Gosh I'm so tired'..he muttered as he walked towards his rose pattern covered bed and slumped on it immediately..

Just before he could go deeper into subconsciousness Anna ran inside the room panting heavily. .

‘Jake!!'..She cried out

‘What Anna what?!!!'..Jake replied with utter frustration..

‘W...well you didn't give me warm milk with my Pizza,can you help me get it from the kitchen??'..She replied...

Is she crazy or what??,Jake wondered..

‘Why didn't you....oh forget it I'm on my way!!!'...


The Next Day❤️ 
Jake yawned loudly as he woke up and when he checked the time he freaked out...

‘Oh God!!!'..He screamed..

He was supposed to be at a meeting around 9am and it's 3pm already in the afternoon..

This all happened because of one person..




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