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🙃🙂Crazy Anna🙃🙂

🙂 Season 2🙂

(WHO AM I??)

🙂 Episode 20🙂

Anna stared at her tummy and rubbed on it playfully and lovingly..

She was finally going to be a mother..

‘Don't worry baby,I'm going to take good care of you'..She muttered and almost thought that she got a kick in her belly...

Jake walked into the terrace and when he saw what Anna was doing he laughed softly..

No joy..

Absolutely no joy can be compared to the joy he felt when he read the report..

So what if she doesn't remember loving him??..

She's carrying his child and that's what matters to him..

It shows that there's still a bond they both share..

‘Ohhhh mommy is really happy??'..He said as he walked over..

Anna raised up her head and laughed immediately..

‘Just leave me alone Jake,I'm just dazed and happy that's all and besides I feel like I'm going to puke'..She replied..

‘You just found out that you're pregnant Anna,there's no fucking that.....'..he tried to say but was cut short when Anna vomited on his Givenchy sneakers...

‘Anna?!!!'..He screamed out in annoyance and Anna waved her hand frantically as if to apologize..

‘i..I'm so sorry Jake,I'll clean it up for you,I'm so so sorry but I....

‘No buts I'll tell Conchita to clean it up,why don't you go inside and I'll get lemon juice for you'...


Later at night..
‘Jake,Jake'..Anna called for the third time that day and Jake groaned..

‘What is it this time Anna?'..He asked brusquely and sat upright..

The time was 1am in the morning and Anna had been calling him for over two hours over incessant things...

‘I want pizza Jake,I want pizza!!!!!'...




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