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🙃🙂Crazy Anna🙃🙂

🙂Season 2🙂

(WHO AM I??)

🙂 Episode 19🙂

‘P.. Pregnant??!!,Jake I can't be pregnant??!'..Anna cried out..

She jacked the piece of paper from Jake's grasp and read the report carefully as if to spot any mistake from it..

‘Anna I know you don't remember this but before your accident or should I say before you were shot we had sex,like four to five times so it's possible for you to be pregnant'

‘B..b..but...I'm already two months gone?? How did I not even notice this??'..Anna said both surprised and shocked too..

‘Well anything can happen Anna but I'm sure when I say you're pregnant and I'm so glad about the baby, shocked too but also glad that I'm going to be a father,please Anna accept this baby even though you're not in your right place'..Jake said and went down on his knees..

Anna laughed..

‘You're sick for thinking I wouldn't want this child,for crying out loud I've always wanted to be a mommy and now that I am it's a delight,you don't know how much it means to me Jake!!!'..She screamed..

Jake shocked and at the same time happy didn't know whether to kiss the beautiful brunette or just let her be..

‘You make the the happiest man alive Anna and I'm grateful to you for it'...was the only thing he could say..


‘So after sex what else do you have in mind??'..Jordan asked as he put on his pants..

He also can't believe that he fucked his Uncle's wife.
But who cares??..

A cunt is a cunt and no one else loves free cunts more than him..

‘Well I'm planning on divorcing Arnold,after he lost the company to Jake he's been such a pain in my ass and it irritates the hell outta me,so what do you say??,be my fucking partner??'..Heather asked and he smiled..

‘Ohhh Heather,you're one bad girl,sleeping with you isn't the only reward I get right??'..he said and Heather laughed..

‘Of course not,you're going to be my new partner, I've got the resources and the game plan, Jordan... and together you and I will be great.



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