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🙃🙂Crazy Anna🙃🙂

🙂Season 2🙂

(Who am I??)

🙂Episode 18🙂

At the hospital🏥
‘She passed out again Brown,what's the problem this time??'..Jake asked obviously fed up visiting the hospital times without number.

‘Hmmm I've run some tests on her and from the looks of it i don't think it has anything to do with her condition,something else is going with her'...Doctor Brown replied...

Jake furrowed his brows and sighed in return..

He was surely getting tired of Anna's consistent passing out and the better she got treated the better her chances of falling uncomfortable stop..

‘So when are the results coming out??'..He asked..

‘Well not until tomorrow,you can take Anna home right now and I'll send someone to drop the results at your place'...


Jordan paced around his 4 foot square room feeling disgusted about how his brother treated him a while ago...

Why did the bitchy Anna have to go unconscious??..

Just when he was ready to spill blood on Jake's face...

‘Jordan_??'..He heard and jolted immediately only to see his Uncle's wife standing by the doorway..

‘Oh Aunt Heather what are you doing here?'..He asked and Heather smiled languidly...

‘Ohhh nothing much I just came to see how my favorite in law was doing??'..she said and Jordan raised a brow..

‘Okay so you threw me out of your house and now you come to check on me??,what is this?,the fucking broad way show?!!!'..He screamed..

Heather snickered a little and then cat walked into the room smacking her lips judiciously.

She dropped her bag on Jordan's bed and to his uttermost surprise,took off her Jacket.

‘Uhh what are you trying to do??'..Jordan asked and she smiled..

‘Your uncle is so boring in bed Jordan'. She said and paused..

‘I want someone who can satisfy me and you're the perfect one for that'..


The Next Day

‘But Jake this is so not cool!!'..Anna protested as Jake dished out her veggie breakfast...

‘Brown said that you have to eat healthy from now on so eat up and we'll get ice if you behave nicely'..Jake replied and kissed her forehead..

Before Anna could reply Conchita walked in..

‘Good morning Mr Jake and Anna,there was a letter for you as I walked inside the building'..She said..

Jake nodded and took the white envelope from her hands and opened it lividly..

‘Is that the doctor's report??'..Anna asked and he nodded with a terrified look on his face..

‘What does it say Jake?!?! Please talk to me!!'..Anna asked and Jake covered his mouth with his hands..

‘You're pregnant Anna!!!'..



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