Tuesday, 9 June 2020


🙃🙂Crazy Anna🙃🙂

🙂Season 2🙂

(Who am I??)

🙂Episode 17🙂

Twenty minutes later Anna is seen staring at her nurse uniform and wondering why it felt so special to her suddenly...

She stared at the hand woven imprint on the white material which clearly showed NURSE ANNA..

‘Anna?!!!'..Jake called out and walked into the room later on..

‘Yes??'..Anna replied and hid the nurse uniform under her pillow..

Jake smiled when he saw what she did and sat on the bed next to her..

‘Well there's one clever nurse i knew and she was the most beautiful person I've ever seen'..he said and removed the uniform from the hiding spot .

‘She was crazy,absolutely crazy and she always drove me nuts with her incessant talking and her name is Anna'..He added..

Anna smiled at him with her eyes glazed with tears and before he could say anything else she hugged him tightly...

‘Oh Jake I really want to remember everything,I really do I swear but I can't and I'm sorry,I'm sorry that i can't be the woman you're in love with,I'm sorry i can't be your crazy Anna Jake I'm really sorry'..She said and cried her heart away on his shoulders..

Jake stroked her hair softly and let her cry away..

When she was done Jake cleaned her eyes with his pocket handkerchief..

‘I don't care if you're you can't remember anything from your past Anna,I don't care at all and in fact I'm glad somehow that you don't'..he said. 

‘You don't?'..Anna asked..

‘Yeah Anna,i love the new you,you're trying to re discover yourself and it shows some hidden sides about you which I really appreciate'...Jake replied..

Anna smiled at him..

Why am i feeling so drawn to him all of a sudden even though i remember nothing about our past together??,Anna thought..


Two Days after
Jordan walked inside Jake's building angrily with a i'm-gonna-kill-somebody look on his face...

‘Conchita where the bloody hell is my step brother!!!!'..He screamed and his voice echoed around the whole room..

‘I'm here Jordan what do you want??'..Jake asked as he came down the stairs with Anna by his side..

‘Well i want to know why my credit card was cut off from the Sica trust fund!!!'...He screamed again and Jake laughed..

‘Oh well judging from the fact that you don't do anything to help the company in any way,Mr Rodriguez had decided that it was best to cut you off since your exorbitant spending was too much on us'...

Jordan winced at Jake's remark and didn't think twice before holding his brother by the shirt...

‘Get my credit card back on track brother or there will be trouble!!!!'..He screamed ..

Jake shook his hands off and slapped the hell out of his face in anger...

‘Your credit card my ass!!!'..He screamed..

Meanwhile Anna stood there at the raging brothers..

One was ready to fight.
The other was ready to kill..

As for her...

She was ready to faint as everything she saw became doubled..

Slowly her head felt heavy and before she could mutter the word help she slumped to the ground...

‘Anna!!!!'..Jake screamed as he rushed towards her..

Oh not again..



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