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🙃🙂Crazy Anna🙃🙂

🙂Season 2🙂

(Who am i??)

🙂Episode 16🙂

Gabriella was so busy flirting with Jake that she didn't hear Anna's scream...

Before the market clock could chime at exactly 6pm Anna launched at her and they both fell on the floor..

‘What the fuck?!!..who are you?!!'..Gabriella screamed and Anna punched her harder..

Jake was so shocked and dazed at the same time that he just stood there without doing anything..

Half shocked and half amused he bursted into hot laughter and tried dragging Anna away from the yelping Gabriella..

‘Let her go Anna she didn't do anything to you?!!'..he said and Anna bit his hands off..

‘Leave me alone Jake let me teach her a lesson!!!'..She screamed and pounced on Gabriella again..

‘Help me she's crazy!!!!'..Gabriella cried out but Anna ignored all her pleas and dragged her hair off..

It was even a wig?!!..

‘Anna stop it!!!!'..Jake screamed finally and the effect of his voice made Anna loose consciousness..

Gabriella stood up immediately and dusted the dirt from her pin-stripped suit..

‘Uhhh sorry about that Gabby,my girlfriend acts crazy sometimes'..was the only thing that came out of Jake's mouth as he carried the unconscious Anna and left the market..

Gabriella just stood there both and stared as his Grey Lexus sports car drove off..

‘He's in a relationship?!!!'..was the only word that escaped her mouth...


‘What you did was do not cool Anna'..Jake said as Anna walked into the kitchen rubbing her eyes...

She just yawned and put on an apron..

‘Wh..what did I do??'..she asked as she picked some carrots and chopped away..

‘Nah never mind hope you're okay now?'..he replied..

They both stared at each other for a while and furrowed their brows in unison..

From the brows they both smiled..

From the smile they bursted into an hysterical laughter..

‘You almost killed the lady Anna who does that???'..Jake exclaimed and they both laughed again..

‘i didn't know what came over me to be honest but somehow I'm glad i did that'...Anna replied..

They both chopped the onions,broccoli,celery and spinach and then Jake did the unexpected.

He broke a piece of egg and poured it on Anna's head..

‘Jake that's not cool!!!!!'..Anna screamed and poured the bottle of oil on his shirt..

‘Food fight!!!!'..they both screamed in unison and chased themselves around the house...

Everywhere became so messed up with flour and virgin oil that they didn't notice the black some coming out of the kitchen...

‘Wait is something burning?!!'..




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