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🙃🙂Crazy Anna🙃🙂

🙂Season 2🙂

(Who am I??)

🙂Episode 15🙂

‘Okay Anna now turn around'..Doctor Brown said as he pointed a little torch inside her ear..

Anna turned around and Doctor Brown examined her other ear..

When he was done Anna came down and proceeded to do a CT scan in the other room..

Ten minutes later
‘So do you remember anything yet??'..He asked and Anna shook her head. 

‘No doctor,the only thing i get is little flashes and blur images and when i get them i tend to loose consciousness'..She replied and Doctor Brown wrote the information on his notepad..

‘That's very good,it shows that your memory is slowly coming back,it's slow but still progressing'..He commended..

Anna smiled and took off the hospital gown she was wearing..

She walked outside and luckily Jake was already waiting for her in the car..

‘Hey what did the doctor say??'..Jake asked and she shrugged off her coat..

‘Well he said that I'm slow but I'm making progress anyway I'm hungry'..She said..

‘Hmmm okay well Conchita is on leave and we don't have a cook,why don't we go to the market and get some food supplies'..Jake replied and she nodded..

He ignited the engine of the car and drove to the market..

They both came out and Anna immediately bursted out with excitement as she walked into the market..

‘Jake Jake let's get this!! let's get this!!'..She screamed as she walked into different stores .

Jake laughed and wondered why she was so wild jus because of the market supplies..

‘Hey chill Anna!!'..He said as Anna dragged him into a fish store..

‘No Jake I'm crazy for all kinds of fish,let's get a salmon,croaker and catfish please Jake please!!!'..She screamed and ran off immediately..

Jake instantly knew that her behavior isn't normal and then decided to call Doctor Brown..

📱:Hello Doctor Brown??..

📲:Oh hello Jake what's wrong??..

📱:No nothing much just that Anna is acting a little bit crazy after we got to the market,did you give her anything??..

📲:Oh that?!,it's nothing much really i just gave her some agility pills,she'll act crazy for and hour or two..

📱:You're sure?,cause she's really acting super crazy and if care isn't taking she'll beat someone up really bad..

📲:She's going to be okay Jake just let her be,after the whole saga she'll become very tired..

📱:Okay bye..

Jake hung up and before he could go after Anna someone held his hands from behind..

‘What the...oh hi Gabby'..he said as he set his eyes on the new staff.

Gabriella straightened her hair and forced a very awkward smile..

‘Hi Jake it's funny seeing you here'..she said and Jake furrowed his brows..

‘Uhhh it's the market??'..he replied and Gabriella nodded..

While they were talking Anna was busy buying out the whole market with Jake's credit card..

The things they needed..

The things they didn't need..

She bought them all..

As agility pumped through her veins she walked back to Jake and when she saw Gabriella lay her hands on him she freaked out..

‘Hey lady leave my Jake alone!!!?!'..



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