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🙃🙂Crazy Anna🙃🙂

🙂Season 2🙂

(Who am I??)

🙂Episode 14🙂

‘I'll never do that ever again Jake,I promise'..Anna said as they both drove back home..

Jake smiled..

‘It's okay Anna,i understand'..He said..

Why he was smiling??

He didn't know or was it because of the kiss Anna shared with him that made his heart flutter??...

Twenty minutes later. 
They got back home and Conchita ran to hug Anna immediately she set her eyes on her...

‘We were so worried about you Anna but I'm glad you're okay now'..She said and Anna nodded..

‘Conchita prepare brown soup for Anna cause she's really cold and I would like a late night sandwich'..Jake instructed..

‘No Jake I'm okay now so there's no need for anything and besides i wouldn't want to disturb Conchita??'..Anna said..

‘Okay fine uhhh can i ask you something?'..Jake replied as he gave Conchita the sign to leave..

‘What would you like to ask??'.

‘Uhhh when you kissed me ugh you sorry when you kissed me earlier did you really mean it? And why did you kiss me??'.

Anna bit her lower lip as Jake asked her the question..

‘Well i guess I was so overwhelmed to see you and excited too maybe that's why I kissed you'..She said. .
‘Ohh'..was all Jake could mutter and he went into his room..


The next day
‘So we'll be dividing the shares by 7% to each client for more profit reasons'...Jake said as he explained the cpmpany's stock to the board members ..

Mr Rodriguez walked in with a red haired lady who wore black pants and matching stilettos..

‘Jake i would like you to meet someone'..He said and Jake turned around to meet her green colored eyes...

‘Yes who is she??'..Jake asked sharply..

‘Well this is Gabriella,she's going to be your new partner'..He replied...

The so called Gabriella smacked her lips lustfully as she set her eyes on the Jake that she's been hearing off...

He looks single and ready to mingle,she thought..

‘Okay I'll call you Gabby,nice to meet you'..Jake said and shook hands with her .

‘Nice To meet you too Jake Sica'...She replied..

And her soon-to-be boyfriend,she thought...

She's ready to bring fire into his life...



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