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🙃🙂Crazy Anna🙃🙂

🙂Season 2🙂

(Who am I??)

🙂Episode 13🙂

Jake figured out that arguing with the female officer is just a stupid waste of time and decided to leave the station..

If they couldn't do anything within the next 24 hours then it's not their fault .

All he had to do was to wait for Anna and hope that she would find her way home. .

‘Good evening Mr Jake where is Miss Anna??'..Conchita asked as Jake walked into the living room ..

‘I don't know Conchita,I don't know,she left the stables before me and now she's nowhere to be found at all,I've been looking for her for the past two hours and still don't know where to find her'...He said and slumped down onto the chair..

Conchita widened her eyes and then remembered an action of Martha Sica before she died..

‘Oh Uh Mr Jake your mother well I shouldn't be telling you this but uhhh your mother planted a chip in all Anna's clothes so that she would be able to track her in situations like this,Anna is a very important person to your mother Mr Jake and I guess you could track her now'...She said and Jake jolted from his seat..

‘Why didn't you tell me this?!!!,get me that GPS tracker now!!!'..He screamed..


‘Hello??,Is anyone here??'..Anna muttered as she walked into a lighted house..

A young guy of about 28 years of age named George heard her voice and wondered if it were a ghost or not coming into his restaurant by 12am..

‘Uhhhh no one's here'..He replied and regretted after that..

‘Stupid stupid stupid George'..He whispered and then mustered enough courage to go outside...

When he did he marveled at the immense beauty of Anna and walked towards her immediately..

‘Oh hello are you lost ??'..He asked and Anna nodded .

‘Y..yes I am and I'm pretty cold too,do you have a blanket or something??'..She said..

George ran back to the kitchen and searched for a blanket frantically until he found one...

‘Here you go,and here take some hot Choco too'..he said giving Anna a blue colored mug..

Anna muttered a thank you and George smiled stupidly wondering how he should ask her her name. .

‘W..what's y..y..your name??'..he stammered..

‘Oh I'm Anna nice to meet you'..Anna replied and sipped from her cup..

George stared at her and wondered again whether if he should ask her if she had a boyfriend or something..

‘So....'..he tried to say but was cut short when Jake ran into the building..

‘Anna!!!!'..Jake screamed and Anna jolted from her bench pouring the hot liquid on George..

‘Ohhhh Anna you scared the hell out of me don't ever do that again'..Jake said..

Anna didn't know what she would say or how she would say but but there was one thing she did..

She lowered Jakes neck and pressed his lips to hers kissing him softly...



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