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🙃🙂Crazy Anna🙃🙂

🙂Season 2🙂

(Who am I??)

🙂Episode 12🙂

‘Was it right or left??'..Anna asked herself as she walked down Court Alley..

She paused for a while feeling so scared and unsure of where she was going..

‘I think it's no it's left'..she argued with herself as she toyed on where she would go next..

Her mind was telling her to go left but the sign said right and it was very dark in that part..

Where she was going??.

She didn't know..

Was she trying to get home or was she trying to get back to the stables??..

She still didn't know..


‘She's 4.5ft tall,lean and lanky,she has brown hair,she's wearing a cashmere sweater and blue slacks and uhh there's a scarf on her neck'..Jake said as he described Anna to the police officer...

‘Okay sir you have to wait in the next 24 hours before we can do anything'..the officer replied and Jake flinched..

‘Are you freaking kidding me?!!,I said she lost her memory and doesn't know anywhere and you say i have to wait for 24 hours before you guys can do anything???'..

‘Calm down sir'..

‘Don't tell me to calm down for heavens sake!!?!,if i don't see my Anna or if anything happens to my Anna then I'm going to make sure all of you dirty cops would loose you jobs and that's a fucking promise!!!!'..


It was 9:25pm to be exact and Anna was still lost..

She walked past a tavern and coughed as she inhaled the smell of dirty drunk men and smokers..

‘Whooo hoo look at what the devil dragged in?'..A ragged drunk man said as Anna walked past..

Three other men whistled and they began following the poor Anna..

Anna instantly knew that she wasn't safe and luckily for her Jake gave her some protective gear of her own..

‘Hey stop there lady!!!'..One of the men screamed as Anna walked faster..

They followed her and she began running but too late..

They had surrounded her already..

‘Why don't you make us feel better'..Another one said and Anna scoffed..

‘Don't come any closer guys or I'll blow your head up'..She threatened and they all laughed..

One of them reached out for her and to his own detriment she shot him in the leg with her pocket gun..

‘Run guys this one's crazy!!!'..




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