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🙃🙂Crazy Anna🙃🙂

🙂Season 2🙂

(Who am I??)

🙂Episode 11🙂

Jake rolled on the floor with laughter as Anna tried to tame the wild horse..

He knew that she couldn't ride it but still forced her anyways so that he could have some fun and get her all shaken up...

‘Jake this is so not funny help me!!!'..Anna cried out as Apollo tried jerking her off her body and Jake chuckled softly..

‘Okay Anna just rest your legs on the horse's belly and rub her slowly,hold the reins and make her feel like you're in charge,relax your back a little bit and let her trust you okay?'..He instructed..

Anna did as she was told and slowly Apollo stopped being wild..

‘Yay i did it Jake!!!!'..She screamed for joy and he laughed..

‘Atta girl,do you want to come down now or keep riding??'..He asked..

‘Huh?!! no way I wanna ride until Apollo gets tired,who knew horse riding could be this fun!!'..she replied and rode away..

Jake wanted to ride along and join in the fun but was stopped by a phone call..

📱:Hello??..oh yeah I forgot...I'm good...okay fine I'll be there in 20 minutes or so"..He said over the phone..

He disconnected the call and then turned towards Anna's direction..

‘Anna I'm leaving for a meeting,wait here for me and don't go anywhere,I'll come pick you up later!!!'..he screamed and walked away..

Unfortunately Anna was so caught up in riding her horse that she didn't hear one word he said...


‘Miss Anna sorry to but in in your fun but we're about closing,can you please step down from the horse??'..The stable keeper said to Anna..

She came down from Apollo and looked around trying to spot Jake from somewhere but she couldn't find him..

‘Uhhh where is Jake??'..She asked and the stable keeper shrugged..

‘Well i don't know ma'am all i know is that you have to leave now,thank you'..he said and Anna left the building.

She stood in front of the road thinking whether she should go home or wait for Jake to come back...

Well who was she kidding she doesn't even know where she lives...


‘So we're thinking about shipping 550 parcels of your goods tomorrow Jake,it's a pleasure doing business with you'..Mr Rodney,Jake's client said..

They both shook hands and parted ways..

Jake stared at his watch and rushed into his car immediately..

‘Oh shit it's 7pm already,i didn't know I'll waste so much time??'..He cursed as he sped through the road..

Just his bad luck to day there was traffic..

‘Blasted pickle heads!!!!'..he screamed in frustration and took another turn into a longer road..

An Hour later
‘Hey!!'..Jake screamed as he approached the stable keeper..

‘Where's Anna??'..he asked and the stable keeper frowned..

‘I don't understand that question sir,all I know I that the lady left about an hour ago'..He replied and Jake winced..

Anna has left already and all he has to pray for is that she doesn't get lost..



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