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🙃🙂Crazy Anna🙃🙂

🙂Season 2🙂

(Who am I??)

🙂Episode 10🙂

‘I don't know but i sure want you to leave,Jake isn't home so you can come back later,please leave before i call the dogs on you!!!'..Anna screamed..

Jordan came out of the pool and spat out the remaining water inside his mouth onto the floor. .

‘This isn't over Anna'..he said as he walked out from the house with his body drenched..

‘Why did I push him into the pool??'..Anna asked herself and when she couldn't get an answer she went back into the house...


Moments later...

Jake is seen closing his hands over Anna's eyes as they walked into the stable carefully...

‘Okay Anna what do you smell??'..He asked and Anna twitched her nose..

‘Uhhhh I smell hay,poop and horse hair,where are we Jake??'..She asked...

Jake opened her eyes and she shrieked for Joy when she saw the breeds of horses in the stable...

‘Oh my God Jake I love horses!!!'..She screamed and jumped on his body..

Jake almost felt the urge to kiss the beautiful brunette but it wasn't the right frame of time to do that..

‘So would you like to ride on Apollo??'..He asked as he pointed to the black and white Michigan horse.  

‘Uhhhh I'm not sure i remember how to ride on a horse,I don't know if I can'...Anna replied..

‘Come on you should know how,it's not that hard,get on him'..He retorted..

Anna sighed and got on the animal but then made a bad mistake..

Apollo was pregnant and she mistakenly hit the mare's body which made it go wild out of the stable..

‘Jake help me,this horse is gonna kill me!!!!'..Anna screamed..




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