Sunday, 14 June 2020



{ He's cold hearted, she's stubborn}

🌟 Episode six🌟

💐 Kellie Harrison 💐

" Bye mom i'm off." I yelled from the door as I rode into the street.

Mom's words kept ringing in my head.
She's right at some point I need to get new job .

One that I don't get stressed so much. And the pay is kinda good.

I arrived at work and Parked my bike properly before walking into the cleaning shop

For the first time ever I came to work Abit early.

Is God not wonderful?

Everyone was staring at me like I got snake on my hair.

" Over here Kel." I heard my boss said.

I nodded and followed him to his office.

" Good morning boss." I greeted showing off my teeth.

" You're quite early today what's the occasion?" He raised his eyebrows.

" Erm not really. Can we go straight to why you called me." I rolled my eyes at him.

" Well you have to deliver some clothings to an elementary school. " He said formally.

" What! Why me ? I thought Elena was into delivering clothings to schools and not me? " I whinned.

" Elena reports in sick this morning so you have to do it. " He said not sparing me a glance.

" Fine what's the name of the school?" I furrowed my brows.

" Williamson elementary school. " He said and I almost spat on him.

Can this day get any worst?

Not only do I get to ride around town am gonna have to deliver clothings to a school full of bunches of spoilt brats.

" B.. but... B.. nevermind." I Huff loud and walked away.




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