Sunday, 14 June 2020



{ He's cold hearted, she's stubborn}

🌟 Episode five🌟

👑 Travis Williamson 👑

I took the elevator upstairs to Ivy's room. I knocked gently before twisting the knob.

She sat down close to her barbie dream house playing with her dolls.

" Hi princess." I called.

She dropped her doll and ran into my arms.

" Daddy!!" She squeak excitedly and gave me a peck on my cheek.

" Who's a good girl??" I pinched her nose bridge playfully.

" I'm" she Chuckled as I let her down.

" Are you sure? " I raised my eyebrow.

" Yes daddy. You're back so early? " She jumped on her queen size bed.

Ivy is the apple of my eyes and I would do anything to make sure she's happy.

Her striking resemblance with her mom makes me happy whenever I look at her.

" Yes baby I wanted to talk to you about your nanny. What happened dear? " I asked Calmly as I made her seat on my thighs.

She scoffed and picked up her toy on the bed.

" Daddy please don't talk about that scary lady that wants to plug out my eyes. " She said innocently.

" Come on Ivy , I know there's something you're not telling daddy." I folded my arms.

" Alright alright , I don't like her. She's so ugly and grumpy too. " She rolled her eyes dramatically.

I was forced to laugh.

" You realize this is the 20th nanny so far huh?" I furrowed my brows.

" Am sick and tired of all this grumpy ladies who doesn't know how to do their job. " She said like an adult.

" Come here silly girl." I grabbed hold of her and began tickling her.

She loves playing alot and that's one thing about her.

Whenever am with her my sorrows go away.

Am just gonna look for a new nanny for her.



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