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{ He's cold hearted, she's sturborn}

🌟 Episode four🌟

🌹 Kellie Harrison 🌹

I parked my bike at the garage before walking into the house.

"Hi Mom." I Mumbled.

" Oh hi sweetie." Mom greeted as she set up the diner.

" Wassup sis ." Fitz said not sparing me a glance.

I don't get why he's so addicted to this video game.

" Am good turtle dock." I dropped my bag on the couch and went over to Mom's.

" No hun you should get some rest I can do it okay?" She objected when I tried helping her to set up the table.

" It's okay mom I insist." I said as I brought the bowl of soup to the table.

" So tell me how was work today?" She starts up a conversation.

" Same as always. " I muttered dryly.

" Honey don't you think you're stressing out too much." Mom said with concern.

" I told you mom am fine. " I rolled my eyes dramatically.

" No it's not. You're always working and it's really not nice . I still think you should look for a job that pays well and quit all this odd jobs. "She sighed sadly.

I stopped what I was doing and  placed my hands on her shoulder.

" I'll mom I'll. Now you don't worry about me okay? " I SMiled brightly.

" I trust you dear. " She smiled weakly just then my two annoying sisters walked into the house.

" What's up people." Karissa said happily and slumped on the couch.

" Hey watch it. " Fitz glared at her.

" Hey mom, sis." Melody said and pecked mom on the cheek.

" Oh great and where are you two coming from?" I asked with folded arms.

" Well we went over to Sabrina's house for extra morals. " Karissa answered sharply.

" Hmmm becareful okay?" I said Calmly as we all sat down at the dinning for dinner.




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