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{ He's cold hearted, she's Stubborn}..

Episode 38

💝 Kellie Harrison💝

The ride was kinda awkward. Ivy had fallen asleep at the back seat. I placed her comfortably and sat down properly.

I caught my boss staring at me but he looked away immediately.

Seriously can't wait to go home and jump on my bed.

" can I ask you something?" He spoke up breaking the silence.

" yeah sure." I muttered.

"Have you ever fallen In love before ?" He caught me off guard.

Seriously that question is absurd.

" no I haven't and I don't really wish to why ?" I furrowed my brows.

" erm nothing its just a harmless question." He looked away.

I shrug and focused on my phone.

Finally his mansion was in sight.
I waited for him to park his car properly before stepping out carrying ivy in my hands.

"Here let me help you." He volunteer to carry ivy but I declined.

After all its my job to look after her.

" no its cool I can carry her , you just go upstairs and freshen up." I said.

He nods and wanted walking towards his room but stopped again.

" you alsp needs to rest okay ?' He said calmly.

' alright I'll." I took ivy upstairs to her room and placed her on her bed .

I left her room and entered mine sluggishly. I pulled off my clothes and tossed it across the room before hitting the shower.


Man am hungry and its kinda late., i slept off without eating.

I crawled outta bed and walked outta my room , wasn't watching where I was going when i stepped on the wrong staircase and twisted my ankle in the process 

I screamed in pain and sat on the floor. My boss rushed to my aid immediately.

" omg how did this happened?" He said with concern.

I cried even more for I was in pain .

He carried me up in bridal style and took me back to my room, he placed me on the bed and sat down beside me.

He took out the affectted foot and placed it on his thigh massaging it gently.

" i thought i  told you to becareful didn't I?" Hr frowned.

" am sorry but i was hungry and there was no way i could sleep without eating." I explained.

" you could have just asked one of the maids.  You know what never mind." He stood up and left.

What have i done wrong?




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