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{ He's cold hearted, she's Stubborn}..

Episode 37

⭕ Travis Williamson ⭕

"Actually he's my b..

" boyfriend." I finished . her eyes became thinned instantly 

I wanted playing games with her.

" huh that's not true he's my boss." She defended.

" really ? But I could tell you're in love with each other so stop pretending " her mom smiled and we both  yelled simultaneously.

" alright alright who's up for some tamales?" Her mom said walking towards the mini sized diner.

" am in." I chuckled.

"Huh? No you can't. Its bad to eat   meal here you might get sick." Kellie said with so much naivety.

" relax its no big deal." I tried to shove her off but you know Kelly she's one hell of a stubborn girl.

" what will the society say? That the billionaire and ceo of brook industry I eating from the slump." She played with her fingers.

" I don't care about the society .are you coming or not?" I raised my eyebrows as I walked towards the diner.

She huffed loudly before trailing behind me.

I pulled out a chair and sat down, she took her seat opposite mine. Ivy was beside her.

" the best tamales you'll ever taste." Her mom says and helped me unwrapped mine.

Kellie was unwrapping hers aggressively and help ivy unwrap hers.

I couldn't help but laugh at her stubborn self.

I picked up the cutlery and took a small bite into my mouth.

Hmm tasty. Omg this is the best tamales have tasted so far..

I couldn't hide the fact that i was really enjoying the meal.

"  this is good can I have more?" I asked politely as I emptied the ones on my plate.

" seriously?!!" Kellie said in between gritted teeth.

" I want more too granny." Ivy said in her cute baby voice.

" sure mr Williams. Anything for you my darling." She smiled and left.

" kel?" Ivy spoke.

" yes sweetie." Kellie's face lit up at the sight of ivy.

" Will you always bring me to see granny ? I really like her tamales." She said innocently and I smiled.

She's just like her mom.

Kellie stared at me seeking permission.  I nodded and smiled as her mom came back with more tamales.

" of course sweetie I'll definitely bring you to see granny." She promised.

Her mom served us more tamales and I wasted no time in digging into mine.


It was time to leave and of course mrs Harrison had packed us more tamales.

" bye granny." Ivy waved as we got into the car.

I started the car and drove off.



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