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{ He's cold hearted, she's Stubborn}..

Episode 36

⭕ kellie Harrison⭕

The next day I'd planned to go see my family with Ivy I just need my boss permission.

I bath Ivy and dresses her up beautifully before getting dressed too.

It was a Saturday morning. I took her to his study room and found him buried in his work. Does he ever get tired or even slow down abit.

"Yes what is it." He said not sparing me a glance..

" ERM sir I wanted to go see my family and I wanted to take ivy with me." I said scratching my head.

He raised his head immediately.

"Oh its you, I thought it was the maids. You're free to go anywhere you want with ivy you don't need my permission." He smiled.

I flashed him a smile too.

" okay thanks sir I'll be on my way now." I said and wanted leaving when he stopped me.

" wait! Let's go together okay? Am kinda bored." He pouts.

Without a second thought I agreed to it.

" alright boss."I said.

The driver pulled up in front of my house.

Well its not that much of a fancy house but I can manage.

Funny enough I wasn't shy of what I've.

We walked towards the entrance of my house and got in.

" mummy am home!!" I raised my voice.

"Is that you honey?" She asked from upstairs .I could hear the sound of the running water and the way she was wasting water.

"Please seat down." I usher my boss to the couch.

"Thank you." He mumbled.

I made ivy seat down close to his dad too.

Mom came down shortly fully dressed up.

"Good day mom." Igave her a hug  .

" hi my baby have missed you. And who is the fine gentleman?" Her eyes landed on my boss.

"Hello ma'am." My boss greeted.

" hello granny you look beautiful." Ivy says in her tiny little voice.

My mom went closer to her and squats infront of ivy.

"Hello there buttercup.💖" mom placed with ivy before giving her a chocolate bar.

" ERM actually he's my ..."



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