Monday, 29 June 2020



{ He's cold hearted, she's Stubborn}..

Episode 35

😊kellie Harrison😍

That was so fun. I had so much fun today.
Thanks to my grumpy boss.

The ride home was unexpectedly long. We all stepped outta the car sluggishly, exhausted from all the days activities.

"Thanks ." my boss mumbled as well both walked side by side into the house.

'For what?" I asked.

"For making Ivy's birthday a memorable one. I'll forever be grateful for that." He says and walked away.

"Thank you so much kel you're the best. Ivy loves you." My little princess says and pecked my cheeks.

"I love you more baby now let's go upstairs and freshen up after which we'll come down for dinner." I picked her up and took her upstairs . on my way to Ivy's room I bumped into jennie i wanted walking pass her but she stopped me.

'Can I help you Jennie?" I asked.

"Erm yeah. ...actually I just wanted to say thank you and am also sorry for being so rude to you." She mumbled as she played with her fingers .

"Seriously Jennie you need to work on that attitude of yours cause it stinks pretty bad." I rolled my eyes.

"Am sorry okay? Am gonna try and work on it." She sighed sadly.

"Not try. Work it or you gonna loose a lot in life." I explained.

"I don't know how to .can you help me?" She pouts showing me those puppy eyes..

"Okay fine I'll but I've to attend to my Ivy right now bye." I said and walked into Ivy's room.

I took her to the bathroom and took off her clothing before turning on the shower.

After bathing her , i got her dressed in her nighties and left in her room.

I also need a shower. I went into my room and took off my clothes before walking towards the bathroom

I mixed a warm bath before stepping into the bathtub.



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