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{ He's cold hearted, she's Stubborn}..

Episode 34

Travis Williamson.

Having fun sure feel so good and mind relaxing. I wish I could do this everyday.

" time up let's go." I announced anf they everyone got ready to leave ..

Next stop the park . ivy is gonna love this.


I parked my car somewhere and we all stepped out and walked inro the park.

Ivy squeak and ran To a horse ride for kids .

She's so happy , haven't seen her this excited about anything before.

" do you wanna go for a ride wigh?' Kellie smirked.

"ERM yeah I guess." I said as I stared at the scary rides.

She pulled me toward the ride name juggler.

She bought two tickets and we got on ready to be juggled.

Swears I almost had an heart attack.

This is most dangerous thing have ever seen

" that was so fun let's do it again " she said.

" there's no way am going on that" I said with folded arms.

"Don't tell me the mighty business tycoon is scared of a common ride? This perfect.. Maybe I should post it." She smirked.

" you won't dare." I glared playfully.

" okay then race you to the top." She ran away while I trailed off after Her.

I must say this was indeed fun . seriously don't remember the last time I  had so much time for myself...



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